Day one
On 22 November we arrived in Orlando. For this we had been firstly in California. Just pick up the rental car and then direction hotel. This was at the International Drive, de Quality Plaza Inn hotel. But yes the drive we had found very quickly, but now still the hotel. Firstly east of the drive the problem was you can never see the numbers. Therefore now the other side of the drive and yes we found the right side. In 2000, we have been in Orlando also, but it changed a lot in 6 years. After check in, we went to the room, this was at the 6 flour, but fortunately there was a lift.

The following morning we went to Magic Kingdom. It was not far to drive, approximately 10 minutes. It was deliciously, such a 24 C and that by the end of November. We had pick up our Magic your Way passes at the entrance. These we had ordered in the Netherlands. A 10 days Hopper pass with 6 fun visits, for example the water parks and Disney Quest. Firstly we had to go with the boat or the monorail to the entrance of the park. We took the boat, because there went so much with the monorail. Your ticket must with a finger impression through the control. So they can check if the ticket is yours. We are looking where we go and makes some photos. First of all to the castle. You can not go inside the castle. Here belongs Cinderella. Further to Mickey's PhilharMagic a 3D film. Afterwards to It's a Small World. To look if this was also beautiful decorated with Christmas decoration, like in Disneyland. But no, here and there what decoration. It was already food time, so we looked up for something. Here after we went to ToonTown. We have made the most pictures from the house of Mickey Mouse, which we had not done in Disneyland. At 15.00 hour started the parade. We went direction the castle and saw that there wait already several people. It was fortunately nice weather, therefore you could sit on the pavement. The parade always starts 5 or 10 minutes to late. The Disney Dreams Comes True Parade was also in Christmas environment. If these had finished, we only had to twist our self and we could see the next show. It was for the castle where the Dream Along With Mickey was given. We saw the show from 16.35 hour. Hereafter we will changed our clothes for long trousers and a waistcoat. Because this evening became the Spectro Magic an evening parade with millions of lights and after that we want to see Wishes a fire work show. And the evenings became  fresher.


Day two.
This time was Epcot to the turn. This exist from two parts, as it happens, Future World and World Showcase. We took firstly Future World and will first hold a fast pass for Test Track. In 1 hour we could come back to this attraction. Outside you saw everywhere entertainment and we drink some thing in the meantime, then it was time for the fast pass. Test Track is a fantastic attraction, which you must see definitely. Furthermore to The living Seas where real fish swims in a huge aquarium,  Journey Into Imagination with Figment the dragon what let you hear, sees and smelling, Living with the Land, where you goes with a boat through the vegetable gardens. And of course Soarin', where you goes with the low-powered aircraft above California, this attraction you cannot mist that. You must do this attraction. Now to World Showcase with the countries Mexico where you make a boat ride with a small boat, Norway here too by boat to the Viking area, China with 360 film during 14 minutes and outside acrobats, Germany no attractions but you can enjoy the beer and wine, Italy with the San Marco Square in Venice with pastas, America with 30 minutes show The American Adventure an Inspirational Story of America and its people, also a singing acapella group inside the building, Japan had show with a geisha, Morocco here you walk through the kashba, France with the Eiffeltower and 20 minutes lasting film concerning rural France, United Kingdom with his pubs, outside actions and don't forget the red phone cells and finally Canada here also a 360 film to see of approximately 22 minutes. Pictures of these countries.

In the evening we would remain for the Illuminations: Reflection of Earth. This fire work show starts at 21.00 hour. For that time we had to eat and changed our clothes again. There stood a cold wind this evening. We will eat in Germany sauerkraut  with bratwurst (acid cabbage with fry sausage). That tasted perfectly and no we drink no beer. At 19.30 hour we saw that several people was seating for the fire work. We found a bank where we could see it well. It was worth the effort of waiting.

The next day was Sunday and we would go to Kennedy Space park .

Day three.
Today was Animal Kingdom to the turn. Animal Kingdom have been divided in 7 countries know Oasis, Discovery Island, Camp Minnie and Mickey, Africa, Rafiki's Planet Watch, Asia, DinoLand U.S.A. it was the first time that it a raining, but the temperature was very well. No sun. At the beginning we made what pictures made of the entry. First we took Oasis. In the Oasis Exhibits you make a walk along several animals. Furthermore to Discovery Island. Here centrally stand the Tree or Live, where you can walk around and the attraction It's Tough to be a Bug.  A 3D show with Flik and Hopper, some creepy-crawly moments in the dark. Afterwards we went to Camp Minnie-Mickey where we saw the Pocahontas and her Forest Friend show. Something further was the Festival of the Lion King, a show with music, dance and speciality performances, plus sing along with the characters from the Lion King film was. Very beautiful. The sun came slowly by, in the meanwhile was it lunch time. We went to Africa for eating something. In Africa you find Kilimanjaro Safaris, where you ride in an open air safari through the African savannah's. You see there among other things giraffes, gazelles, elephants, lions and rhinoceroses roam freely. And the Pagini Forest Exploration Trail where you sees especially birds and fish during this walking tour. It started what to rain. At three o'clock the Mickey's Jasmine Jungle Parade started therefore we search for a place to see this parade. In Africa just before the bridge we could sit exactly on a little wall. The rain stopped and the sun came. It looks immediately nicer. After ending th parade we went further in Animal Kingdom. In Rafiki's Planet Watch are 4 know attractions Wildlife Express train, a non stop rustic express train, we went in small station in a half open train, which leave each 7 minutes, the first stop was Habitat Habit from where you can go to the Conservation station and Affection section. In Asia Flights of Wonders you watch amazing birds enthral you with incredible flights, Maharajah Jungle Trek, where you walk through the ruin of an old palace to be able see exotic animals. Also to see tapirs and tigers, Kai River Rapids, a water attraction on the Chakranadi River, you will becomes soaked in any case, Expedition Everest - Legend of Forbidden Mountain. these had been closed unfortunately closed when we were there. Dinoland U.S.A. we did not do that, because it is mainly a playground. There are a couple attractions, but that we found not nicely.

We returned to Magic Kingdom for the therefore we had reserved tickets for Monday evening . In the afternoon we got a bracelet, so that they could see that we pay for the party, which started at 19.00 hour.

  • Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade

  • "Holiday Wishes" Celebrate the Spirit of the Season

  • Mickey's "Twas the Night Before Christmas" Show

  • "Celebrate the Season" Show

  • Character Dance Parties

  • Meet Santa Claus

  • Free hot chocolate and cookies

Firstly we wanted still somewhere buy what food, but a lot of restaurants had been closed already, because the park closed at 18.30 hour for the other guests. There was nevertheless considerably checked if you had your bracelet. Firstly a hot chocolate with cookies. Afterwards we search a spot at the castle for the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade which would come at 20.15  hour. Almost the same time started a show for the castle also. It was still busy. After the parade we went to the Galaxy Palace theatre in Tomorrow land where Mickey's 'T was the Night before Christmas show came. This was almost the same as the show Paris. When the show had finished the fire work Holiday Wishes-Celebrate the Spirit or the Season started a little while ago. We hold another hot chocolate and then to the next show. "Celebrate the Season Show". We saw the last show at 23.40. There was also still on 2 spots the Character dance party. At the City Hall you could on the photograph with Santa Claus. Around twelve hours we went direction the car and go to the hotel..

Day four
The next day was the fourth and last park to the turn, Disney's MGM studios. The weather was again well, but we were exactly on the parking place and there it started to rain, so we had to wait in the car till the most was concerning. But nevertheless take along with us the rain jackets. There was enough to see for making pictures. The first attraction was the Great Movie Ride in Hollywood boulevard, where you see the traditional films, we went then to Animation Courtyard to see the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, unfortunately we had no pictures of this show which lasted 17  minutes. The Magic or Disney Animation a 15 minutes lasting show, where you can see how your animated favourites comes to live. Playhouse Disney is a Live interactive stage show special for small children. It was time for the Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade. It was almost a quarter for three and was still not busy. But later the people came and stand along the side road. We took hereafter the Disney MGM Studios Backlot Tour, a tram along the different attributes of the film. We were suddenly in Streets or America, I think we take the wrong way, there we saw first the Muppet Vision 3D. Afterwards the Light Motors Action Extreem Stunt Show. Almost the same as the show in Paris, only here no visitors of the platform participate to the show. But it remains a fantastic show.

Back to the car and in the evening to Downtown Disney. We were there already a couple of times and now will we really buy the things to take with us. We went firstly to our hotel and eat  and afterwards we went to Downtown Disney.

Day five
This day go we to MGM studios. We had not yet seen everything. We had the time so we strolled through Echo Lakes. Here we took Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, 30 minutes lasting live show with many stunts from the equal film. We take also the Sounds Dangerous in which Drew Carey all kinds of sounds from the films and sometimes are complete in the darkness. Now we go to the Mickey Avenue. There we had see still 2 attractions, known Journey into Narnia and Walt Disney - One Man's Dream. This is a self guided tour of the beginning of Walt Disney until the park in Disneyland Resort Paris. Full with pictures and scale models of the several castles of the parks and the new countries in the parks. At the end there is a film concerning Walt Disney's live. Street entertainment finds you everywhere and is generally very nicely. Now we will go to the Sunset boulevard for the Musical Beauty and the Beast in the covered live on Stage. It is already rapidly full. The musical lasts 30 minutes and is in Broadway Style. A super show. We saw the show at 15.45 hour. After this we went firstly to drink a cola, we walk slowly to the entrance to pick up a rain jacket, because we continued this evening to see Fantasmic and it looks that the rain is coming soon. We returned and eat firstly what food at Rosie's All American Cafe. Hereafter we walked back to the Streets of America for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Which started at  18.00 hour . Where millions lights dance synchronously on Holiday music in the Streets of America accompanied with a magical snowfall. The houses are all covered with lights. It was time to walk back to the Sunset boulevard for Fantasmic. The show started at 19.00 hour. There was announced that the show still be could postponed because of, weather the sky looks very dark, but it remained dry. This evening show with lasers, lifts and water fountains and special effects with Mickey and the other Disney characters. Unfortunately the pictures are not beautiful, perhaps the next time. On our way out we made still some pictures of parking shields and drive then to Downtown Disney.

The next day we would go to shop in the Outlet Stores. We wanted also go to the larger ware houses such as Macy's to look around. But in the evening we went to Disney Board Walk. First we go to Downtown Disney from there we took to bus to the hotel. I think in the summer time is is nicer than this time. There were not many people over there. But we have seen it. The 10 days were over in Orlando, but yes 2 days you lost already by travelling. We had a marvellous time and at home you see than always, oh there we have not been, but must remain for next the time. When that ever will be. Saturday at 09.30 hour we left to the airport and fly to the Netherlands and arrived Sunday at 07.00 on Schiphol.