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Walter Elias Disney (Chicago, 5 December 1901 - loose Angeles, 15 December 1966) was American a producer, designer, writer and regisseur of Academy Award-winning cartoon films and Hollywood films, business man and the mental father of among others Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. He and hiss brother Roy Disney , have together set up in 1923, a studio which meanwhile has developed into extensive media conglomerate which since 1986 has been name has carried: The Walt Disney Company.

Walt Disney were born in Chicago, as fourth son. His father, Elias Disney, had several jobs and his mother, flora Call Disney were teacher res. Walt moved as a child to a farm in the neighborhood of Marceline, in Missouri. Probably the head street of Marceline model for Main Street USA  in Disneyland stood. Not long hereafter moved the family, this time to Kansas city, here Walt's father newspaper deliveryman became. Walt started with a written courses cartoons make and went to the art academy. In 1917, Disney-family returned to Chicago. In 1918, Walt do an attempt join military service. Because of a too young age he was disapproved. His brother Roy Disney sits then at the Navy. Walt went as a driver of the red cross to France, where he arrived exactly after the end of the first world war. In 1919, he returned to America and found work as draughtsman and ' inker ' in Kansas city.

Walt Disney had their own studio, the Hyperon avenue studios (in the US), where he made others all kinds of sign films with animals with its brother Roy and hand-full. Walt Disney were themselves no driving force; he knew what possible it was and to how much time several things cost, but could carry out it itself he not. Disney therefore a man of ideas was. This had he himself rapidly in the breaches and he hired some driving forces. Also Disney had a good feeling for funny situations: the combination of the expressions on the faces of the animals and the events could ensure a terrible comic tale. Disney a perfectionist and he was spent, in spite of restricted budgets, much attention on the quality of the cartoons.

 In 1928, ended up three small films of Mickey Mouse. First Plane were crazy. It had not made a difference much or Mickey had been called as Mortimer, but Disney's wife found Mickey a better name and for this reason are called he now this way.

Steamboat Willy were the first small film of Mickey with sound and also the first cartoon with sound. Hereafter followed short small films still some with the three little pigs (1933), Donald Duck (1934) etc.. These small films are called Silly Symphonies and this was a serial in which all kinds of sign film characters made music.

In 1937, made Walt Disney is first sign film of feature-length version of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. This film was furious popular and won in 1939, a Oscar, or rather said Oscars consider, because Disney got seven small figurines beside the ordinary figurine. Hereafter other long cartoon films still a lot.

During making "jungle Book" in 1966, Walt Disney died, followed to the impact of lung cancer. To be has employees for this reason on the finishing of that film extra attention given.

Also after Walt Disney's dead remained his studio existence and produce still popular cartoons and movies.

Some employees of the Walt Disney studios in 1949,  has set up a Dixieland orchestra, which has made prerecording up to in the sixties. This orchestra was called "The Firehouse Five plus Two".

 At the cartoons of Walt Disney five attraction parks has been based, Disneyland in Anaheim near Los Angeles, the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, Disneyland Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan and Disneyland Resort Paris near Paris in France. Disneyland opened its doors in 1955, Walt Disney World Resort followed in 1971, afterwards Tokyo came in 1983, Paris in 1992, and Hong Kong in 2005.

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