The Twentyseventh Time

15th Anniversary DLP

We would go firstly in March, for we went to Spain, but the weather was so bad, that we decided to go to Disneyland, when we are coming from Spain in June. Then also the celebration of the 15 years had been existed. We went with the caravan to Jablines and remained there of Tuesday till Monday. The weather was reasonable. From time to time a little bit rain. Tuesday afternoon we went immediately to get there.
It was not busy, but the holidays still must begin. We would use this afternoon to make photographs of the decoration. There I had expected more of. The Castle and the Mainstreet were the only spots which was decorated. Everywhere, were signs with 15 years.
We came and the parade just started. And what are you doing then, then you wait, to make pictures of that. It was not very busy where we stood so we could make good photographs of the Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade. We stood this time before the station. The park was up to eight hours at night. But so long we did not remain. We made still what photographs of the castle. Drink still a cup of coffee and returned to the camp-site.


The next day we went for approximately half past ten to the park with the car and parked the car at the New York hotel. The air looks dark, therefore it will be raining again in a while. It was not cold. But first to Pinocchio, there was no waiting time and we could easily to take some pictures. There were a couple new attractions. Today we saw firstly the Disney Characters' Express,  this drive from Town Square to Central Plaza during several times a day. Hereafter we drink and eat something, afterwards we took what shops. One figure of Mickey with 15 years we buy that any way and still a small snow globe. There were also pins, especially for the 15th anniversary. Limited Edition, 900 pieces has been made. We have bought the years 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995. And there it will remain, I think.

Afternoon we will sit at Royal Castle Stage for the parade, to see these from the other side. Because the carriage had other characters on each side. Hereafter we could do quietly, because we wanted to the Chaparral theater to see the show from 17.15 hours with Tarzan. When we came back from that show, it rained firmly. We came along Cowboy Cookout Barbecue, where we want to eat. There it was deliciously quiet. It was meanwhile half past six and we decided to go to the Vallée Village for what purchases.

On Thursdays we went firstly to Walt Disney studios park. Here was the decoration also a little bit. And here were 2 new attractions. First of all there was Toon Studio, with Cars Quatre Roues Ralley, these had been just opened on 9 June 2007, and Crush's Coaster, where you have a sparkling water adventure with Nemo and Crush.

Further we observed Animagique, we have filmed a smattering and went we further to Moteurs. Action. These we have also filmed. Here also the Cinemá parade filmed. The films can examine you on this page video2007. Further we saw still a bit of Lilo & Stitch Catch the Wave party. After this we went still just as to the other park.

There we wanted to see the Candleabration on Central Plaza. This started at six o'clock in the evening. Here to see, planes Mickey and even his friends are here to celebrate the 15 anniversary with the magical lights contracts of Sleepy beauty Castle. Only you did not see the lights, because it was not dark at that time. After the show we went direction camp-site.

Fridays we could quietly put on, because we  had seen already the most and went of park to park. All we had to see was in  Disneyland Resort the Alpha Bet you are. This characters have been wrapped in capitals and sing a song " Who wants to be the leader".

Saturday we used the extra magical hours. As a result, we could go into the park 2 hours before and some attractions in Fantasyland. We were early for the reservation of the cards for the Legend of the Lion King. We remained that day not so long, at noon we went to the shopping center. But there it was so busy, that we returned to the camp-site.

Sunday was the last day for Disney. We did still what purchases and go into attractions, which we did not had done for a long time. Le Pays of the Contes the Feés, where you pass by several fairy tales with small boats and Les Mystères du Nautilus, the submarine of the notorious captain Nemo. We went also to Adventureland to see Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin.

Monday we went direction the Netherlands and since it was not a nice weather, we drove back in 1 time. In September we go with our youngest granddaughter Demy

Twenty-eighth time

This time it was a very short visit. We got a letter if we want to renew our Dream Pass, extend to 1 month before the expired date. Then we got 6 months extra. That was of course a fantastic offer. So we went Tuesday August 14 to Paris. We had rapidly booked an Akena hotel  in Esbley for 1 night. We drove away for half past ten in the morning and were about 4 o'clock in the park. We parked the car at the New York hotel. In the park it was enormously busy, but yes, that you can expected in the summer. We wanted to see the evening shows in any case. The park was open till eleven o'clock, that was at least on the programmer, but at 23.15  would come still fire work

We went first to the office for the tickets. There we were this way ready. Just as new photograph made and we had the treads up to and including March 2009. It was meanwhile a quarter for five and we decided firstly to the hotel to check in. Afterwards we would return to the park.



It was still dry, therefore we had good hope that all would go through. Current in Disney Village we saw an amputation with ropes. Also here a parade would come. Even waiting then but, after ten minutes the parade was cancelled. First we went eating in the park and go to Buzz Lightyear's pizza Planet restaurant for a pizza. Closed. For another pizza we had to go to the other side of the park, was in the meanwhile considerably hard raining, so we went to Videopolis for something to eat. Disney's Once Upon a Dream parade continued, however, in flowing rain. We have examined some shops. We had to wait for Fantillusion, Candleabration and the fire work. What respectively 22.25, 23.00 and 23.15 would come. We have drunk still coffee and it continued raining, so we decided at a quarter past nine return to the hotel.

The following morning would remain we up to approximately 2 o'clock. We could 2 hours before the park opens in Fantasyland. Was still the same, then rain, then dry, but not so terrible as yesterday. We wanted to see in any case the show of Winnie the Pooh. First show came half past ten. We stood entirely in the front line. At 10.35 the show was cancelled because of technical problems. Perhaps the next show. Also these were called off. We ate a pizza in Pizzeria Belle Notte. We went still just as to studios park, but nevertheless but to house have gone because of rain. A visit with little done. But September 16th we are back and then it will be less busy and hopefully better weather.