The Twenty-ninth Time


Sunday  September 16 was it so far. Demy might with us to Disneyland we remained until Wednesday September 19. We left round approximately half past twelve noon's. She had so many sense in it. Only the trip lasted well at least five hours and that is surely very long for a child of 2 years.


 On the way we stopped and then we were at 6 o'clock in the evening at the Holiday Inn hotel by Disneyland. But that was not enough for Demy, she wanted to see Mickey, so we went first to Disney Village and to Mc Donald's.

 It was still lovely and we don't need a coat. We took the purple bus by the hotel. It was awful pressure and we must wait a long time for we had the food. But she had surely hunger and ate delightfully her Happy Meal. It was meanwhile half past seven and we thought that the park was open till 8 o'clock. So we went back with the bus to the hotel. After we tells had that Mickey also went to sleep, she could agree a little bit, that we go the next day to the park.

 Monday morning she awake at half past eight. After she has been in bath, we went to the breakfast hall for something to eat. She had  enormous sense in it. The bus came after a very long time and was so full, that we remained to wait for the next one. Finally came the bus then. We arrived into the park with her and she looked everywhere around and saw everywhere Mickey's. So we went stand first only in the row for the photograph with Mickey. That lasted so long, but yes that you know as you are with children. Finally it was her turn and she could give Mickey her booklet for the signature and on the photograph with him. She found it just a little bit scary. Finally came she really close to him.

There were not many Disney characters at the moment that we were there, we took some attractions. First of all the Carrousel. She wanted on the horses  as well. She found that beautiful. The row was not so long fortunately. On to the next attraction, that was Dombo. There we had to wait almost 40 minutes. This one she likes it so much, that she wanted again.  Further to A Small World in the boats. She looked to all the dolls. She enjoyed it very much. Time for a roll and drink.


We had enormous luck with the weather. It was still reasonably sunny, but we had now a pulley to wear this day. In the afternoon we went to the boats for the fairy-tales and Casey's Junior Train. That she found tremendous and we most do that each time again. We could walk through, for these attraction was totally no row at all. After that to the pirates. She was not afraid narrowly in the dark, till a pirate came at and would give her a hand. There it goes wrong. She cried, but he remained watches till she laugh again a little bit and went then away. But this attraction was not such success by Demy.


From here was Pinocchio at the turn. Actual she found everything amusing. Snow-white and the seven Dwarves found she also excellently only the witches wood was nothing. When we came outside, stood there a few Disney characters of which she got a signature. They came with the Characters Express Train, but they must unfortunately already again fast away.


 Meanwhile it was half past three and we would wait for the parade. She played to shorten the time with an Italian young boy. It was to go raining, when the first characters came. After the first vehicle with Mickey and Minnie was appeared, began it so hard to rain that we decided to go  away and went something to eat. Demy want to have a Mickey pizza. Many ate she not, just something more than the half. It was still raining a little bit and we want to see some stores. She might buy something of her own money and what for her sister Cathy. For her self she took a Minnie beanie and for Cathy we found an alarm clock. We brought the buggy back and took the bus to the hotel. In the Evenings, we went to swim just before she goes to bed . She was so tired that she fells in sleep at 20.30 pm. and slept through till the next morning 8 o'clock.

Tuesdays we went have breakfast firstly and took the bus to the park. This turn we don't needed to wait so long. We came round 10 minutes for ten in the park and names immediately the row for Minnie. We had 4 people for us and Minnie came at 10.15 hour. Fortunately we don't waited so long as by Mickey. Also here remained she on a distance, look how Minnie wrote in her book, but finally she went to her for the photograph.

On the way we saw the Disney alphabet and we went further with the Horse-Draw Streetcar to Winnie the Pooh. Also here was a long waiting period. When she was at the turn she gave the book only but she did not want on the photograph alone. She saw Snow-white at the other side, so we went to that also and we stand in the row again. The princesses discharge each other each time off. Now there were Belle and the prince. But maybe perhaps again Snow-white. And yes after a while Snow-white came back and was it Demy's turn. She gave the book and looked at her and went then surely on the photograph.

Now we went to Alice's Curious Labyrinth. We had to wait just on grandpa, but he came just later to it. Demy went in front of us and she knew the way well through it. We took the stair upwards till the top of the castle. You have a good look all over the park. Then the stair again to below. And through the other maze back to the exit.

Time for a roll to eat. Still one more time in Casey's Train and Dombo. That found they surely the most beautiful attractions. After that we took the Disney Railroad from the Fantasyland Station. We were namely on our way to the other park. There stood no row for the train, so we get that firstly. We are gone the whole park around and then on our way to Walt Disney Studios Park. We came for the Cars Quatre Roues Ralley only that appeared nothing for Demy.


But the flying Carpets that she found beautiful. We have been done that also a few time. When it began to rain again, we looked for  a restaurant to drink a cup of coffee and Demy wanted chicken nuggets. Round approximately 16.20 hours we left the park and went back again to the other park. There we came just on time for the parade. Demy wanted to sit on the doorstep, while grandpa raised the buggy raised. Just la little later he was here and could take some photographs.

   Still 1 turn back to the train and boats and then something to eat. This turn we took Cafe Hyperion. While grandpa ordered the food fells Demy in sleep. The Lion King show was there to see with very loud music, but even that makes her not awake. We had eaten and Demy still slept, she became just awake because we had to bring the buggy back. We have behave her to the bus. Once we arrived in the hotel she really totally awake and are we are going to swim.

Wednesday was the last day. She had totally no sense to go at home. We had to see actual only the show "Winnie the Pooh and Friends Too". These became round 10.30 and then always a hour later. Unfortunately we mist the first performance and must wait three quarters of an hour for the next one. Grandpa and Demy took still 1 turn Dombo and I wanted to stand in the row for the show. When I sat well in front then came grandpa and Demy also and she could see everything very good. She found this fantastic and she claps in her hands like all the other kids were doing.

When we came out of this show we promised to do 1 turn the train, unfortunately there was a long row this time. After that might look for a present from us and than we will back to the Netherlands. This is very against the will of Demy, she had totally no sense to go home. At 19.00 hours we brought her back by her parents and sister.


The thirtieth time

On Tuesday  October 31, we went for the Halloween to Disneyland Resort Paris. We had hoppers for the special Halloween evening. This we could buy with discount, before half of the price with our dream pass. We went firstly to the hotel in for check in. That was approximately 5 o'clock. After that we drove back to the park. It was enormous pressure. So we eat first what by Pizzeria Bella Notte. The park must closed at 8 o'clock, to open then defense for the Soiree Halloween. We got to show an orange tie, which you must show when you in an attraction. We had been seen this evenings the last couple of years, but as busy as now we had never see it. There were also many Halloween costumes. But a waterproof control on this evening was not there . You wanted to remain usual in the park. First of all we went to the show of The Disney Villains Halloween Showtime on Central Plaza. These we filmed and would make the next morning photographs. We went in the Big Thunder Mountains Railroad. The waiting time was  three quarter of an hour. Once in the train, we came to stand precisely at the most very worst point quietly. Technical disturbance. We stood approximately 20-30 minutes there. Back in the station, we got to go one more time. Only yes also this turn he did not do it. We might that evenings yet back come via the exit. We had it cold and we decided to take a cappuccino. The Fantillusion Parade would come also so along, but we were too late for that. There were so much people  along the street. We looked to a show of Cruella's Crazy Crooning, but these also had been ended. Still a quarter and the fire works would begin. We wanted to wait for that. Then it was a quarter past twelve. The park closed at 01.00. It had been ended round a quarter for 1 and went we direction of the exit. Our car stood by the New York hotel and we had a hotel in Esbley. Just outside the park and just 10 minutes ride. There we had the code of the fence, so that we could in. We were not the only guests that from the park came, there came more cars.

The next morning we would make still what photographs and go not so late at home.  We could park the car by the New York Hotel. We thought that it was now not so pressure in the park, but that been mistaken . The most decorations were the same as last year and here and there was a small changing. But we took really well what photographs. We went firstly to Frontier land, where the most Halloween decorations were. The haunted house we did see that also once a time. After everything photographed we have been drink coffee and then it was time for the Disney Villains Halloween Showtime. This is a show with Minnie and Stitch with the Disney Villains. After this show, we went back at home. It was meanwhile 12 o'clock in the afternoon. On the way we had rain and were at six o'clock at home.