The Fortieth Time.


At Saturday  August 28 we went to Paris. We stay at camping Jablines. It was still pretty full. Since it was weekend we did not go to Disneyland yet. We wait until Monday, August 30. At ten o'clock we went to the park. It started pretty busy. We decided to renew the year pass. When we arrived there was a row, so that was waiting.

It took exactly one hour before we turn in. Once inside we could go straight to a desk. Because we only had to renew, we did not have the entire row to wait, that was half a hour less. This is the last time we have taken the Dream Pass. Weigh the benefits no longer outweigh the price.

In the morning the sun was shinning, but that quickly went away and the wind was pretty cold. We wanted at least see the show Disney's Showtime Spectacular  and the new Toys Playland.

The show started at 10 minutes for one o'clock, so there was still time for a cup of coffee. We went to castle. We stood in front and were pretty good photo shooting. The show was really fun to watch. It took half an hour. Afterwards we went for lunch and then to another park.


We immediately went to Toys Story Playland. There are three attractions: Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop - all green soldiers gather for a very adventurous job, Slinky Dod Zigzag Spin - Zigzag  with Slinky behind his own tail, and RC Racer - for Andy's toy is no super fast speed.
So that was the first day.

Tuesday, August 31 Today we first went to the Toy Story Restaurant. This  has become a buffet restaurant.

Then we came over a Kodak Captain EO show with Michael Jackson. Enjoy the music of Michael Jackson and the visual effects magic of some of the biggest names in Hollywood.
Oh, oh... Captain EO and his crew have been captured, taken to the wicked Supreme Leader (played by Anjelica Huston), and sentenced. “Justice” is swift and severe. Captain EO accepts his sentence, one hundred years of torture, with grace. He tells the Supreme Leader that he has brought her a gift, which she will see—and hear.
The music begins, and the battle begins. Lasers fire above your head. What is happening to the Supreme Leader’s troops? The power of music is transforming them. Look! Even the awful Supreme Leader is now a beautiful queen, and the planet looks great.


This is a very nice show.............

It was time to eat and then we made a boat trip with Mark Twain. Also, we went into the Haunted Mansion and then we did some shopping. It was nice sunny weather, so we went back to the campsite.

The third day we went for nearly eleven o'clock to the park. It was another beautiful sunny day. The car was parked for the last time the New York hotel, with the new Dream Pass it's not permitted any longer. Just park in the parking lot. The fast passes were away  until four o'clock in the afternoon. We have photographed the signs on the lampposts, which can be seen here.

We walked through the castle and there was a small show of Sleeping Beauty to be seen. It took about 20 minutes. Then we went to It's a Small World. A trip by train was the next thing we did. We got in Fantasyland Station and we made the entire round to get back to action in Fantasyland Station. Hereafter, we went to Pirates of the Caribbean.

We took some pictures in Adventureland. It was now half past one so we went to Discovery Land. We went first again to Captain EO. We also took the Les Mystères du Nautilus. At two o'clock we went to eat at the restaurant Toy Story. There was a buffet with three kinds of pizza, spaghetti and two types of macaroni with three sauces. A delicious salad bar and dessert bar. Cold drinks were also there. We have eaten well. Then we went back to the campsite and enjoy the sun.