The 41st Time

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 we went to Disneyland Resort Paris. This time for Halloween.
It was the last night of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

We could not go earlier than half past twelve in the afternoon. With a full tank of petrol, because you could fill it again, but you never know.. We arrived at our pump in France ....... but it was closed.
Well we could reach the hotel in Esbley. When we arrived we had 3 liters left in the tank. On the road we could get diesel but no petrol. Fortunately, they knew it at the hotel where we could refuel. So soon done and then towards the Party.

The evening began at 8 hours. There was pretty much control this time. At the entrance you immediately got a bracelet.
 The countries were closed with gates and everywhere they had to see your bracelet. By the attractions had to be done also, but there were no waiting times, 15 minutes which is really nice. We took Big Thunder Mountain and Phantom Manor.

It was two years ago that we have been this, but there was not much changed. The Main Street was this time not in the Halloween ambience. Therefore you had to go in Frontierland .

There were four special Halloween attractions: Winnie the Pooh and his Friends too, it was in Fantasy Festival Stage, it was not really Halloween. Merlin and the Witch Academy, which was given behind the castle, and was not changed much since 2008.


The Disney's "Not So Scary" Halloween Show, this show was staged at Central Plaza. A nice show. And the last was The Disney's "Not So Scary" Cars Cavalcade, which was on Main Street USA, it was the parade of Walt Disney Studios with a Halloween twist, and was also the end of the evening.

We went back to the Formula 1 hotel in Esbly. This hotel was completely renovated and looked great. It was almost full, but yes it was autumn holiday for the Netherlands, France and England.

The next day we went to the park at 10 o'clock. We just wanted to take some pictures of the Halloween atmosphere, a different thing than in the evening. For the attractions and the rides you had a very long waiting time between 60-120 minutes. We have done Captain EO, the haunted house and then we had dinner in the Pizza Planet Restaurant Buzz Lightyear, here you get a buffet. We did see the parade with the Special Dreams of Trick and Treat.



The 42nd Time

On November 29, 2010 we went to Disneyland for Christmas. When we got there, we arrived in the afternoon, it had snowed. It was  nice to see, we had never seen that before.

We would stay two days and we slept in the hotel in Esbly. There was not much given to the Christmas atmosphere. And it was bleak and cold. We have to wait for the parade for Christmas.

Because the streets were wet from the snow, you got stone cold feet. We wanted to see the evening Fantillusion Parade, but yet again we went back to the hotel.

The next morning the only thing we want to see was the Disney show Showtime Spectacular from Centra Plaza and take pictures.  In the course of the afternoon we drove back home.



Pictures of Christmas and Snow ambiance

Pictures of Christmas in Walt Disney Studios Park


The 43rd time

So it's been in July 2011 and we are on the way to the Netherlands. We were 4 months in Spain. And on the way back we always go through Disney.
The weather is good, but whether this continues in the next three days, I do not know. But we'll see.
The first day we do not see much. We stayed at the campsite Jablines. It was already 3 pm and we did not like to leave.


First we wanted to look to Follow the Leader with Peter Pan. It would start in fifteen minutes. But the sky was getting darker. And yes 5 minutes before it started it began to rain .. And it was outside, so we wait a while. But we went inside anyway. Seen nothing. Just drink coffee.

On to the next attraction, and that was Tarzan Encounter, but we went first to see if Buzz Light year Pizza Plaza was opened. The buffet here is still good. Unless you don't like Italian food.

We had a little time before Tarzan started, it began at 15:15.


After the show we went back to the campsite. We return to six o'clock for the show at Centre Plaza.
We wanted it there in time, so we stand at the front.

On the way to the exit the little train came Disney Dance Express. We stopped to take some pictures.

We stopped to do shopping in Val d'Europe shopping center and than back to the camping site. At about six o'clock we went back to the park for the show at Centra Plaza Mickey's Magical Celebration.

The next day we did not have to see much. It was pretty crowded in the park. First we took the Walt Disney Studios Park. Again there were long lines to get into it. First we took the Moteurs ... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular, which now sits in McClean Lightning from Cars.


Back to the other park and take some pictures of Adventure Land.