Halloween 2005 in disneyland resort parijs
(23th time)

Friday October  21 we were on the camp-site in the neighborhood of Paris,  camp-site International the Jablines, this camp-site pleases our good. It’s a pity that he is not open the whole year. There is a buss which goes to the park, we took Saturday simply the car and parked at the hotel New York . (The advantage of the passport  annual Dream ). All countries had almost autumn holiday, therefore was enormously busy. It was a complete new decoration for Halloween. Along the Main street (see photograph) were all Halloween headstocks.

Opening ceremony was at 10,11,12, and 1 o'clock at Town Square. That was Pink Witches  vs. Pumpkin Men.

The weather was sunny and not cold. Mickey and Minnie were also in other clothes. The Halloween event took place in Frontierland. There we went go firstly. There was for the children a large pumpkin, for face painting and hairdressing. And Trick or Treat were done compared with the Lucky Nugget Saloon. You entered to the Witches Academy. There were seven countries represented by witches. Further was there the Pink Witches’ Wake Stage.  Here played 5 different groups on several times, we found it enough for today and returned to the camp-site. Tomorrow we wanted to see the Disney Villain Parade.

It is Sunday afternoon and very busy. The fast passes were already no longer to get for some attractions. We wanted to see still 2 groups  today and the Halloween Piñata. There we had never heard of. Especially for children. They sing firstly a song, then 1 child is selected, who can beat with a stick on a pocket. Goes it open, then all kinds of candies falls out. And all the kids run to pick them up. This was played 4 time a day.

Time to drink somewhere  a cup of coffee and then waits for the Disney Villain Parade. Along the paths it was already considerably busy. It was just half past three. And at last a quarter past four the parade started. The carriages were from the normal parade, however that the princesses were replaced by the Villains. Hereafter we returned to the camp-site. The next time we will return with our granddaughter for the Christmas time..