the 24th Time 

It was December 19 2005  nine o'clock in the morning, that we went away.  We would stay 1 night in a hotel in the neighborhood of Disney.  It became the Kyriad Hotel. We came there round 3 hour in the afternoon.  A good simple hotel.  We got the key, brought the bag upstairs and went with the purple bus to the park.  It was the whole day already very foggy, also in the park.  We needed actual to see 1 show. These will showed here for the last. 

The temperature was just right, it was not really cold and fortunately dry.  Firstly we take what photographs of the Christmas atmosphere.  These is each year otherwise.  The large Christmas tree was disappeared of Town Square and moved to Central Plaza.  We could see precisely the show of "Mickey's Christmas" at 16.45. These show we have seen the very first time and further no more.  Only the clothing had been renewed.  It would be the last time, that we could see the show here and the photographs that we made then, were not as beautiful as these we made now. 

We came round a quarter past five from the show and wanted to eat somewhere.  But we could not through the castle, the way was closed.  Back on Central Plaza, we were precise on time for the "The Enchanted Fairytale Ceremony".  We must wait, before the ceremony began at six o'clock.  The Disney characters came all together at the Central Plaza and switch on the dazzling Christmas Tree lights.  The castle was also lightened totally.  After this we went to Toad Hall for fish and chips....... only unfortunately it was closed.  So on to the next, the Au Chalet de la Marionnette, there we ate a half chicken with fries.  It was meanwhile half past seven and we went on our way to Disney Festival stores to look and possibly buy something.  After that with the bus back to the hotel. 

The next morning we take the breakfast in the hotel, breakfast buffet, looks good.  After that the luggage in the car  and with the bus to the park.  It was half past nine and was the entrances were open till the different countries they were closed.  This opened at ten o'clock.  We took firstly a fast pass for Peter Pan.  We could in there round half past twelve.  It was enormous pressure despite the weather.  It Was bleakly through the fog.  We took the Pirates and walked direction Discovery Land.  We went standing in the row for the tickets of the Lion King.  This show we had seen it the very first time, but the last times we had no success by the booking of the tickets, we tried that no longer This time we had lucky...... we the show of 12.00 hour.  He is and remains beautiful. 

We wanted to go to the other park, looks for the  Christmas atmosphere Well something, but not so many as in the Disneyland Park.  The parade had just been ended.  We went first something to eat, than we could drive straightly to the Netherlands tonight.  We choose for a pizza.  After that we saw  "Goofy present the Swing Along Santas".  A group of vocalists have stepped through the silver screen to sing  some Christmas classics just for you in the company of Goofy Father Christmas.  We had seen everything and through the fog, we went early to home.  So we took the purple bus and back to the hotel.  There we drunk a cup of coffee and on our way to house.  Through the bad weather we made it in 6 hour, normally  5 hour.