Twelfth Time

In the morning April 2, 2002 we went on our way with the caravan to Spain. It was sunny weather, about 20°, with a lot of sun.The first stop we made was Disney. Is was a 10 years celebration.

We looked for a camping place in the neighborhood. We found Le Parc de la Coline at Torcy, about 20 km from Disney. The camping sold also tickets of the Park. That was easily for us.

The next day, is was half past nine in the morning, we go to the new park. The entrance of Walt Disney Studios Park is different as that other park. After we took the necessary pictures we went inside the park. You comes in a inside gallery, where shops and restaurants are. If you walked it through, you come  outside and you must search which way you goes.


As first we take Art if Disney Animation.  Here you see how the Disney-Characters became at live. It's explained in French, but you get a headphone for the English language. You could read it also in the Dutch language  and five others, that's new. After you come outside, you could make an animation.

After this we took a fastpass for the Studio Tram Tour. The time was 11.45-12.15 hour, so we take first a cup of coffee. The weather was a little bit less than yesterday, but still nice. There was time yet for the CinéMagique, a marvelous theater, where they asked to put your cell phone out and take no pictures. When it started there goes a cell phone. The man who was persecuted by members and jumped at the stage, to make his call. It look like very real, but it's all by the show.

It was time for the Studio Tram Tour. Also by the fastpass was a enormous line, but most of the people stood there very early. We can passed through. The tour is very small in comparison with America. Mickey and Minnie had there own caravan.

The Television Production Tour, or it's goes wrong that day, in the brochure can you read, that here is a live recording. But no... we heard only French speaking, what's about, we don't know, when you speak no French. After that you came in an other room. Here you see where the live production started and also only in the French language .

Also the inward people must be food, and we went to one of the different restaurants for food.

One thing we don't need to see the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. Now we will go to the stunt show. which you can see three times a day at 12.00 - 15.00 - 17.00 hour. This show is very worth of it and you must see it. The French stunt man Rémy Juliene is great. A show from half an hour, but you must come early, there is always a big line. It is the nicest show of the Walt Disney Studios Park. 

We had also a fastpass for the Flying Carpets, but those was pass away in the meantime, so funny for the photo album. Now we must see the Special Effects and Animagique.

In Armageddon Special Effects where you comes in a space station, with kinds of effects. Mostly is there also a long line, but we are lucky.

In Animagique you came also in a theater, where you meet Donald and Mickey. Here they asked also to make no filming and photographic, otherwise they stop the show. This is really a nice show about animation. It takes half an hour, ten time a day.

This time we will eat a pizza, those pictures are from the pizza box. And we decided to go back to the camping place. You can with the same ticket from five o'clock in the afternoon to the other park, but we went there two weeks ago with the grandchildren. And it was seven o'clock in the evening. The park closed at eight o'clock. This park you can see it in one day, if there walk around not so many people.