Thirteenth Time

Tuesday October 8, 2002 we went, Hans and I, to Disneyland Paris. We were on a Camping site in Attichy. We were for 5 weeks on holiday in French. It was not planned, that we go this time to Disneyland, but with a distance of 80 miles from the park, was it tempting great. We bought a pass for 3 days.  And this time, we had more time to visit the new park.


Halloween in Disneyland Park


It was the first time, that we came during the Halloween-time.
The atmosphere was nice and there were not so many people in the park, so we could see everything.

At 10.15 hours in the morning became a little parade "The Villain Invasion". This is a musicale performance. Disney knaves announced themselves through the parade. Mickey and Minnie are there also and they need your help, to protect the Disneyland Park. After this we went to Frontierland, this was also in Halloween style.

Everywhere were things to see. Also this time we had enough to photography, even it was the thirteenth time.
We took also some attractions in Frontierland, such as The Big Thunder Mountain and the Manor Mansion.