This site is rewritten and the photos are scanned from the photo-albums



First time

When April 12, 1992, Euro Disney opened it's doors in Paris, was that the moment, that our eldest grandson Ricco, he was that time 2 years old, goes with us to visit Mickey Mouse. He had seen the pictures from America and see the movies.


It was May 8, 1992, and the first time we stayed in the New Port Bay Hotel. Everything was new in the hotel. We left our luggage in the hotel room. We stayed here 3 nights, but that time, we needed for the little boy. It was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and our grandson wanted to see Mickey Mouse and the others. He looks and looks, he found everything fantastic. The cars and the horse-drawn streetcar, he wanted to ride them all. That afternoon we did not visit any attraction, we just walked and looked around.

The next day we went to It's a Small World, that he found fantastic. This was followed by Pinocchio, Snow White and of course Peter Pan. The next morning at breakfast in New Port Bay the characters came such as Captain Hook and Smeezy, Chip and Dale. Ricco had his book with him and they all are written in the book. At noon we have seen the parade. We could sit comfortably on the curb. The next day we saw the Pirates of the Caribbean and Dumbo the flying elephant.


The last day we went to the hotel by bus we came along a wall with all the characters on it, there he want to make a photo of him with the wall. Grandpa must stay also with 1 photo. After all those days what was very tiring for him, but we had visited all the attractions. Tired but satisfied we went 4 days later to the Netherlands.



Second time                

The next time that we went, was sooner than expected. It was begin of March 1993. The weather was beautiful for the time of the year. We had 5 hours to drive, before we were in Disneyland Paris. At three o'clock in the afternoon we were at the hotel. Now we stayed in Santa Fé Hotel for three days.

Ricco wanted directly to the park. We took the bus to the park. Ricco was one year older now, so less quickly tired. First we go for a drink, because he had now been thirsty. He told us where he wanted to go. First he wanted to "It's a Small World". This attraction he found it great. Then he wanted to Dombo with Grandpa. They should remain seated for one more time to go. The parade we have not seen  that day, we do that tomorrow.

After this we saw the show "Beauty & the Beast Live on Stage" Here, we also eat, because the show was given in Videopolis. It was 17.15 so a good time. After the show we went shopping in the stores before we went back to the hotel. The park closed at six o'clock.



The next day we went walking to the park. First Hotel Cheyenne along, then along the water at Hotel New York. In Disney Village, he had to see all the stores, because he bought also what for his little sister. At last we were in the park and he had to go first to "It's a Small World". This time he wanted in the Tea Cups and Alice's Curious Labyrinth. At Bella Notte, he get a real Mickey pizza. That was very nice and he drank some apple juice to it. It was now time for the parade. We went along the road and Ricco wanted to have some popcorn. A few photos.


We had just 1 full day at the park to visit, because the first day was a half day and the last one is also. There were a few things closed, but the fun was not pressing. There was another day over. The next morning we want to leave the park at 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon. We did some attractions. Still he found it beautiful, he went with all characters ion the photo and they were also signing in the book. On the way to the bus if he were still in the fire car and even got the hat on. Then even in the double-decker as a driver and then as a passenger in the yellow bus that takes us to Santa Fe and then by car back to the Netherlands.



Third time


This time we went alone in December 1993 for the Christmas atmosphere. We stayed today in New Port Bay Hotel for 1 night. The hotel was beautiful in Christmas atmosphere. We were at 2 pm in the park. It was cold and bleak, but that did not matter. It was not pressure in the park.


It was singing at the Main Street, which was decorated and there was a giant Christmas tree. We drink first a cup of coffee. Then we did a few rides, delicious without waiting times. But in this weather, you can be better inside than outside.

At four o'clock, the parade came with also a touch of Christmas and Santa Claus in a sleigh drawn by reindeer. Only for the parade was a group from Romania. More photos of the parade but there are in the photo album.

After this we went to eat and returned to the hotel. In the evening we go to Festival Disney to take a drink.
Mickey and Minnie were dressed with hat and scarf. Normal Mickey stood outside by the Christmas tree, but because of bad weather, he was now in the arcade. The next day we saw another 3 shows C'est Magique, La Lampe Magique, and Le Noël and the Mickey. Some eating and drinking again and went home early because of bad weather. It was finally five hours drive before we are at home.


 Fourth time

Now it is February 1994, this time not only with Ricco but also  his little sister Chardonnay goes with us. She is just two years old and we go to the New York Hotel where we stay 2 nights.  We have more than 2 days for the park. It's raining very hard. In the hotel we are welcomed by Pluto. He even plays with the children and than we go to our room. It's already late in the afternoon, but they still want to go to the park. But first we need to buy yellow capes for the children.

The rain harmed the children not at all. And they want to see Mickey and Minnie.
And they got to see.
The characters were all in the arcade. Chardonnay ran to Mickey and he signs in her book. Ricco was also waiting.
The did not wear the capes in the arcade.


One advantage the rain, it's not pressure in the park. We go in the carousel. Chardonnay did not want first, but later she want to get out of the carousel. Three times stand grandfather in the row, which was fortunately not long. Then we go to It's a Small World. This find both very nice attraction and we remain seated for the second time. Just to go to the pirate ship to play on.
It starts to became dark and we go eat in Festival Disney.
In the evening just before bedtime, we go downstairs to the swimming pool and then they fall asleep exhausted.

It's raining  no longer the next day. We will have breakfast with Disney characters in the Disney Hotel. From eating, no way, but they have a lot of fun. Pluto eat a strawberry from our granddaughters plate, who strongly protested. Then Chip and Dale came also standing by the table. We took pictures from it and tried to let the children eat something.

Around 10 o'clock in the morning we go back into the park. The little girl wants nothing first, but later they can not get enough. At noon we get to see the Aladdin parade. We meet many characters and the children go with them on the photo. We go to Adventure Land. Where we visited Le Pasage L'enchanté d'Aladdin.


We still went with the horse drawn streetcar back to the castle. Also wanted them again to the pirate ship. En route we came to Pocahontas Indian Village. There was a real Indian tent and a canoe. Fun to play with. Another day was ending. Finally we took the big boat to make a ride on the lake. Then back to the hotel. Just a swim and then back to bed. There were chocolates on their pillows.

The next day we did some attractions, much time we did not have, because we want to leave the park at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.
But they will come back soon.

October 1- 1994 Euro Disneyland changed his name in Disneyland Paris.


Fifth time  

Disneyland Paris was 5 years old. Now we want to join that. So we went with the whole family to Paris end of March 1997. This time the tickets were different, before we had always the same tickets. We arrived Friday evening at the hotel. It was nine o'clock in the evening, the grandchildren were happy to sleep. We went with six people to Festival Disney. When we came back at eleven o'clock, we go for a little drink in the room of the grandchildren and their parents, who were still awake.

Because we never stay in the Sequoia Lodge, we had now made the reservations for this hotel this weekend. We had three rooms. We were with 8 adults and 2 children. They were now 5 and 8 years old. It was for our children the first time that they visit Disney. For the grandchildren was it 3 years ago, that they visit the park with us.

We had split up us in  2 groups, the adults without children, and we with the grandchildren and their parents. Chardonnay want to go with Mickey on the picture. There was a huge waiting time, so her mother and I went with her. Grandpa and her father and brother went to Nautilus, the submarine boat. We had agreed to come together half past two to see the parade "Carnival of Fools." Then we went back to the attractions with the grandchildren.

About six o'clock in the evening we went out for dinner. We made that in Disney Festival by Los Angels Bar & Grill. The personal was singing and dancing on the tables and asked to do the same thing. Now that was what certainly for the grandchildren, what they normally did not do at home, and now to do in a restaurant. After dinner we waited for the electrical parade.

The next morning, the half of the group goes swimming for breakfast, we were also invited. After breakfast we went back towards the park. We took the following attractions, Snow White, The Pirates of the Caribbean. The characters were also there for the signatures. So come the books full. On our way to the following things. Tea Cups, Casey Jr. Train, this one found Chardonnay great and Le Pays des Contes Fees, where boats along the fairy tales are. To half past four we went to Video Polis where a live show was "Disney Classics: The Music and the Magic" Here are the most beautiful love stories of the Disney Classic singing and danced. And there was a show in Fantasy Festival Stage "And Scene s'il vous plait" Mickey and his friends in a new musical. At the end of the day at six o'clock we had meet each other at the exit of the park and we went back home together.


Sixth time

It is now 1999. And yes we go again with the grandchildren Ricco and Chardonnay to Paris. They had get from us as a Christmas gift a trip to Disneyland. We left on January 22 to the park. Now to the Hotel Cheyenne where we stayed for 3 days. The children had no vacation, so we had to go in the weekend. In our room was a bunk, so every night 1 child slept in the upper bed. Now they could not fight about it.
The first evening we have not done much. We were at 9 am in the hotel.
They could dream the park inside and outside, they still love it.


On the photo with the characters and the signature should still happen. Then we went to Autopia. This attraction was often closed. Ricco and grandpa in a car and Chardonnay and grandma in a car. In Video Polis was Mulan the Legend to see. And of course, again to It's a Small World. Furthermore, we went to Aladdin Adventure. In the afternoon it was time for the Wonderful World of Disney Parade. The second evening we went to Buffalo Bill. the dinner spectacular show.
They were now old enough for that show. The food they don't like it, but yes it's all in. She got a hat and extra chocolates and the show was very nice. At around 8 pm was the show over. The park was already closed, we were just by Disney Village for some shops to see.

The next day after breakfast, what we had in the Lucky Nugget, we did some more attractions.

First go to the haunted mansion since we were nearby. There was no pressure in the park, the weather was not as thunder. A quarter for one we came to the Celebration Mulan, a small parade, at a quarter for three, we have seen the show "Mickey's Winter Wonderland." Just to Star Tours, they found this great, then to Le Visionarium, where the movie Journey of Jules Vernes was rotated. Buy some food and just strolling through the park because they saw more characters and some shopping for the home remained brother, which certainly must have something.


Seventh Time

Again alone with the two of us. And now not in a Disney hotel. But in the neighborhood of the park. Now we had also a parking ticket, what you never get or buy.

It's begin of January 2000, but there was  also many people in the park. The weather was not so good it's misty. But who cares. Full good spirit we went into the park. Outside it was not very pleasant, so we went shopping.

What was very good for my collection, beanies and pottery images. I saw something, I did not had.

We looked for the parade Disney's Imaginations Parade and drove early to our hotel that day. The next day the weather was not better, so we went at home 12 o'clock in the afternoon. On the way we ate something.


Eighth time

With the caravan on the way to Spain for a couple of months, but first we want to go to Disney. Now we had booked the Davy Crockett Ranch, for 3 night.

  The weather was dry, but the sun was not shining, it was April 3, 2001.

The camping was a little bit bald, with many trees on the ground, because of the storm of last year. The camping was closed then. On the place we had our own water and electric, and a barbeque. But it was to cold to do a barbeque. We came for Tooncircus. The first day we look around at the camping. There was a beautiful swimming pool. We had eat in the restaurant of the camping.



We had a ticket for one day, and the next day we want to go to the new shopping mall Vall d'Europe. It was dry that day and Tooncircus became at 4 and 6 o'clock, by dry weather. The parade was past, it was a little bit raining. At 5 o'clock the rain fall out the sky so heavy and it looks like, that the rest of the day will be the same.

So no Tooncircus. We must coming back later in the summer time for it.

The next day we went to the shopping mall in Vall d'Europe. And following our trip to Spain.