Nineth time  

This time we had nothing to complain, if it must be, that the weather was now to hot, but we like it. It is August 14, 2001. I was with my sister for 4 day in Paris. She had never been in Disneyland Paris. A beautiful day and we went with the metro out Paris to Disneyland Paris.

There were so many people and the waiting times were so enormous high. We took a fastpass for Peter Pan at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and in the evening between 9 and 10 we could inside. The park was open till 11 o'clock in the evening. That was a profit, but the peoples were not less.

We took first It's a Small World and after that we did 1 attraction and then it was lunch time. That was an advantage, but the men became not less. Star Tours was not so busily so we took that first. We looked even around in Discoveyland, but many attractions that we did notdo.


Tooncircus came now every two hours the whole day long. Would you see the show good, then you must stay on different places in the Main street.

This time we saw also the show "Winnie the Pooh and his friends".

When you have 1 day and there were so many people, you can see the half of it, that was a pity for my sister. I return regular. In the evening we eat in Disney Village and return to the park. At nine o'clock we could do Peter Pan.

In the evening was the electric parade and the Tinkerbell's fireworks above the castle. We wait for both attractions. And than we tried to take the metro back to our hotel in Paris.


Tenth time

It was November 27, 2001. So the Christmas sphere is already present in Disneyland Paris. And it was 8 years ago, that we saw that for the last time. There would certainly other things to see now.

We were 3 day in the neighbourhood of Disney. The weather could not better. The sun was shining and it was not cold. No wind, so what do you want more.

And comparing the last time, that I was in the park, there were no people at all. But then was it full up summertime. We could in everywhere and there were no waiting times at all.

We took the fastpass for Star Tours and we could in this for 13.50. Furthermore we went to Big Thunder Mountain. Underway you saw the Christmas Caroller, which stood on Town Square. One shows came just 1 December, but the other Mickey' s Winter Wonderland was there, however. Those were kept in Chaparal theatre in Frontierland.



In the afternoon at 3 o'clock became the Christmas parade, that was very small this time. On this page the pictures.  
It became a little bit colder and than helped a cup of coffee. In the evening we saw the electric parade and the fireworks.


The next year we come back certainly for the new park MGM Studios.

Bye bye in 2002


Eleventh Time

Finally was it than so far, that the two other grandchildren, came with us to Disneyland Paris, what is renamed in Disneyland Resort Paris. On March 12 and 13 we went to Paris and stayed in the Disneyland Hotel. The grandson Mauro was 4 year and the granddaughter Marscha was two years and 7 months old. Both of them were never alone so far away, without their parents. But it get very well.

At seven o'clock in the morning we were for the door of the eldest and picked up a quarter later the youngest. Cheerful we went on our way. The children played with their toys. On the way we eaten and had some drinks. Paris was about 500 km. away, so we must drive 5 hours.

About 12.30 hour we came at the Disneyland Hotel. The luggage were unload from the car and brought to our room. The car took the man with him to the parking place. We had  nothing to do. When you entered the hotel, it seams like a fairytale.

At the reception of the hotel we get the tickets of the park. There was a problem, but that was resolved in a hour. One and a half hour later we went into the park.

The two little ones they looked and looked. The first attraction we took was "It's a small world" They find it fantastic. After this we went to fly with Dumbo Flying Elephants. We must wait long everywhere, half a hour till one hour was normal. And that on a day in the middle of the week in March. Also the youngest was never afraid. She went in everywhere, even in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" did she not very scary. Snow-white and the seven Dwarfs, the pirate ship of Captain Hook did we see on the first day. The two were very tired and they want to eat French fries.

After that we must buy two books for the characters to signed it. But besides the special places, you will see none of them in the park anymore. And of course we will buy something for the grandchildren. They find the same things nice, it was a kind of lightning merry go round. One of Winnie the Pooh and one of Mickey. In the evening you can see the turning lights. One yellow and one red.

After this we went first to the hotel room, for a little bit to rest. And than we will swim before they goes to bed.

As two water rats they went into the swimming Poole, jumped from the side into the water if they do nothing at all. After one hour to be in the swimming Poole, we went back to our room. There they still allowed to stay for one hour and than they must go to bed. They were so tired, that they sleep again.

The next morning nice in bath and on our way to the character-breakfast. Fortunately it was early, half past eight. Marscha did not went to know anything of the characters. Goofy was scary and Pluto was a silly dog, no Chimo, that's the dog of Mauro. Those two characters came to say goodbye, while we waiting for our table.


The first character, who's coming to our table, was Perla. I was alone with Marscha, while the two others hold there breakfast. Perla wrote in the books and Marscha did not know how quickly she must sit down in an other chair, far away from Perla. There she stays the rest of the time. But Mauro, he found it wonderful. Specially when Mickey came. Minnie we had mist her, she goes away. After then there came Pinocchio and Geppetto, who had time for every one at the table.

Goofy and Pluto had been visited our part of the restaurant, but they did not signed the books, so Mauro and grandpa were looking for them. It's a pity, that we had no pictures of it, but they signed the books.

After that we went to the park and had the time till 5 o'clock in the afternoon. First of all they went again to the boats of a small world. We took also the police car and Mouro found the fantastic. He was the dad boy.

The Carrousel de Lancelot, a fast-pass for Peter Pan. And Pinocchio we must see that also this day. A ride with the train, we could not made it, the waiting time of this attraction was longer than one hour.

The weather was excellent, in the afternoon we can walked without our coats. We eat outside and of course we also eat an ice-cream.

The pirate ship and the playground they found them very nice. There they could play delicious. They have climbed there, from the toboggan. Mauro did then something more, because he was a little older. We had seen this playground never earlier, when we visited with the other grandchildren,  therefore I think that the playground has come later.  


The most children attractions we had seen now we must wait for the parade.

We were largely at time and sitting on the steps. Mauro was take away during the parade by one of the dancers and was allowed to give Princess Aurora a big kiss. He like that.


We shopped a little while and than was it time to go back to the hotel. To take our luggage. We must waiting for our car and than, on our way to the Netherlands. Five minutes later Marscha was sleeping and a half hour later Mauro also. They were both so tired. At ten o'clock in the evening we were at home.