The thirty one time Christmas 2007


Tuesday November 27 we went for the Christmas atmosphere to Disneyland Resort Paris. We were gone early from home, because than we were at time in the park. Only unfortunately it was never so pressure in Belgium. We did there approximately 7 hours over. Normal we ride it in 5 hours. Round the clock of  half past two we arrived then really in the park. We parked the car by the New York Hotel. By arrival in the hotel, we were greeted by Pluto and Minnie. It fell us on, that it was not totally pressure. And the Christmas decoration was not really optimally. We went firstly to the Big Mountain, there was a waiting time here of 10 minutes, without fast pass. After that we had done the Phantom Manor. Here we had taken for the first time photographs within and outside the haunted house. For the first time, we saw now the graveyard. It was delightfully sunny again. We had hit it well. Perhaps was the parade with a little bit Christmas. We had expected that the vehicles for the Christmas had been adapted. But it was the usual parade with only Father Christmas and the reindeer they were real. Well there were the soldiers and one vehicle with toys. But these was yet smaller than otherwise. The snow dolls were not there also this year.


Well was the Disney Characters Express decorated with Christmas decorations. We had expected more Christmas decorations, but that will come well through the 15 anniversary. Well there was the large Christmas tree. On Town Square was Goofy as Father Christmas with the sleigh. There were also a few shows only in the weekend to see, that was well misery. The park would closed at six o'clock. Round six o'clock came the Enchanted Candleabration on Central Plaza. This show we had seen in June, when it was not yet dark enough. It was become meanwhile properly colder. We had to wait yet a half hour. Finally was it so far. After the show was over, we went back to Disney Village for to eat. Only everywhere  stood rows to wait for dining. So we decided to take McDonald's. Also here was the proper pressure. Than just what shopping done in Disney Village and after that back to the hotel.

The next day it was foggy. It was really already half past nine. We decided to go firstly to the other park Disney Studios. The Tower or Terror hurried up already. Actual he was already ready. They were now doing the surroundings as streets. We wanted to do the new attraction Crush Coaster yet, but the waiting time was 45  minutes. So we had that seen for today. Well we saw Ratatouille in Toon Studio. Walking through we came by the tram tour. That was also a long time ago that we did that. Here they had gotten the country lanes away. Previously became there in 3 groups started. As a Dutchman, you came always in the last tram. Now they have follow normally on order of arrival. You can sit where you want. We walked around in the park and after that to the Disneyland park. It was still calm in the park. The sun came meanwhile also through. First we went to Belle's Christmas Village. We took some photographs of the houses. After that we get a fast pass for Buzz Light-Year Laser. We had to wait half an hour for that attraction and we go in the meantime to Star Tours. Here we could also walking through.. After that was it time to eat something. We went to the pizzeria. Than a delicious cup of cappuccino. After the food, we wanted to do some shopping. We had seen something that we wanted to buy. At three o'clock we went to the Netherlands.


Thirty-two times March 2008

In March 2008 we went to Disneyland Resort Paris again. We were on our way to Spain. And we make always first a visit at Disneyland. But the weather was not so good. Raining. And what we want to do, there was a waiting time  for that attraction from 90 minutes. We have decided that was to long and we will do that by the end of June. We walked around the park, drink a cup of coffee and we go to the camping site. This time we were at Camping Village Parisien.

Thirty-Three times June 2008

Now it was great weather and we stay at the Camping Jablines. That is a very nice camping. With car you drive 15 minutes and you are in the park. It was Sunday and there were a lot of people. First we went to Walt Disney Studios Park to Crush's Coaster. But again a waiting time from 120 minutes.

Tomorrow the first thing we do is, when the parks opened, we go first to this attraction. We took several pictures of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the area.

After that we went to another new attraction Stitch Live. This is an interactive show with Stitch. He talks to somebody out the audience, make jokes with them. It's fun for kids. The show is in French and in English and take 15 minutes. In separate locations. Tomorrow we come back for the High School 2 and Crush Coaster. We go to the other park.

Here there were a lot of people too. And we take attraction that, that we had done a long time ago with the first 2 grandchildren. Legends of the Wild West, La Cabana des Robinsons and the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing. That was at least 13 years ago. Only not the riverboat, on this we were with all the grandchildren. The Riverboat was there, normal we go upstairs, now we stay at main flour.

The next morning we went to Disney Studios Park for Crush Coaster. We were there at 10.15, the park was open at 10 o'clock. But the waiting time for that attraction was again over the 90 minutes.  So long to wait for 1 attraction,  we don't do that. There was also Recording Live.  A street show, where you became an acthor. We waiting at the High School Musical 2 School's Out and go than to the other park. We had seen a little train with characters the Toon Train.


Thirty-Four time September 2008

Tuesday  September 2, 2008 we went for 34th  time to Disneyland Resort Paris. We stood on the camp-site Jablines. It was half past two afternoon. It was not a sunny day, but it was dry. And we had to do still that one attraction in Walt Disney studios " Crush Coaster ".

Firstly just into the park. We obtained a fast pass for the Big Thunder Mountain. We could in there between 16.50 - 17.20. We had wait still 2 hours. Therefore firstly we do what other attractions. We took the Phantom House, the Pirates of the Caribbean and A Small World. When it was almost time we used the fast pass.

Hereafter we went to the other park. Directly to Crush Coaster, the waiting time was now 50 minutes. We did it this time now. We will stand in the file at a quarter over five. We it had already tried 2 times before, but each time was the waiting time an hour and a half or more. But it was worth.  If you don't know, what you are waiting for. It is inside almost dark, they are swung and done and reverse, up and downstairs. It was fantastic. We came out of this attraction at 10 minutes past six. We decided return to the camp-site. Tomorrow we had still another day.

The next day was raining, but who closer we came to the park, the weather were bather and bather.  At eleven o'clock it was almost and left we. . We parked the car at hotel New York. Fortunately that we had done that one attraction yesterday. We don't stay with that rain. We looked around, take a couple of characters on the photograph.


We went for shopping, drunk some coffee and something to eat. At half past two three we returned to the hotel, to pick up the car. There was Minnie and Pluto in the hotel, we make a picture of them. We wanted to go to Vall d' Europe. The next time that we go, will be with Halloween.


Thirty-Fifth time October 27 2008

In the morning at 10 o'clock we drove out Leerdam on our way to Disneyland Resort Paris. Around three o'clock we were in Esbley. Where we had make a reservation by e-mail at the Akena hotel. But we had never got an affirmative. Therefore we will see what's had gone wrongly. At the reception they told us, that she never received an e-mail from us. And that was right, the hotel Akena had changed in hotel Balladins since one month ago. But the stay was no problem for that day. We made at the same time a reservation for December 6th.

Hereafter we left the hotel and go to the park. Where we had made a reservation for Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween party, for this evening. That started at eight o'clock in the evening. At 5 o'clock at noon we must show the tickets and got we a green bracelet. After what searching, we found the place in Fantasyland. This was the last evening for this party.

We went firstly to the pizzeria Bella Note. We took pasta and a pizza. Afterwards we will drink cappuccino. It was a smattering messy at closing the park. And opening the party. But eventually we could go in there at for 5 minutes before 8. However, they checked your bracelet very often.

As first was Mickey and Minnie are called you welcome. That was kept exactly behind the castle. You could see a little of it, if you coming too late, as we did. Hereafter we went to Fantasy festival Stage. Here was the Halloween Magician. A type conjurer. Outside stood Winnie the Pooh in Halloween cloths with Eeyore. There were 9 attractions open, 6 restaurants and 2 shops. We did Les Voyages de Pinocchio and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, where we made this time also pictures of it. Each half hour was something else to see and repeated that 1 hour later again. This way there were Merlin and the Witches Academy. We have not seen the show with Winnie the Pooh. That was delete this evening.

A dancing party with Tigger, where children could dance with him. There were street artists by Fantasyland. And most of all the characters ran there also. You could easily on the photograph with them. And at the end of the evening the Not so Scary Cavalcade at eleven o'clock, the same as the Disney Character Express train with all characters.

The next day we still taken some pictures in the Mainstreet and Frontierland of the Halloween atmosphere. It was foggy and there stood a cold wind. We saw the Disney Villains Halloween Showtime. At the Phantom House we saw Jack and Sally. We walked also this time through Woody's Roundup Village, where we found Pluto in a room. In this area was also the Halloween atmosphere. After we drink a cup of coffee,  we returned at 1 o'clock to the car, to make the travel to Leerdam. This time we did it in 7 hours. 4 traffics diversions and at Brussels and Antwerpen in the traffic-jam. At Hazeldonk at the border of the Netherlands we eaten at Mc Donald's. We were at home at a quarter past eight o'clock.