The Thirty-six time Christmas 2008

At Saturday December 6 we went to Disneyland Resort Paris at half past seven in the morning. We could keep driving well and we were around 1 o'clock  in Paris. We parked the car at the New York hotel. There we saw already, that there were so many guests to checked in. On our way to the park. The weather was normal for this time of the year. Through Disney Village to come, was already a challenge. But to gone to the parks, it was terrible. What a flow of people ran there, to go to the parks. At the pay-desk people stood outside. That we had seen not yet in all those years, which we income there.


We wanted to see in any case 2 shows, Winnie the Pooh and Friends too… Christmas and Minnie' s Jolly Holiday show. A quarter for three started the Winnie the Pooh show. It was in the meanwhile a quarter for 2, so we went up to the direction of the castle. There arrived,  there stood already a complete large file with waiting. And then we had wait 1 hour  before the show started.


Endless we  could go in there  and started Winnie the Pooh and Friends Too ..... Christmas. It the same tale had been only adapted in the Christmas period. And always nice to see. The show lasts 25 minutes. In the meantime it had also rained, but was now it was dry happily. Back to the enormous upheaval. The waiting times were very large, 120 minutes were nothing and at the fastpass were no longer get for the complete day. Delicious such a weekend out.

On to the next attraction. The show of Minnie. This show was kept on Central Plaza. Minnie' s Jolly Holiday show, where Minnie with her boyfriends gives a dancing show. A very nice show to see. We did not have the most beautiful weather, but it was dry. This show lasted 25 minutes also. The Characters Express train it had been also decorated in Christmas style with the characters and brought them to Central Plaza. After this we wanted to drink a cup of coffee. So we went to the shop arcade. But forget it, before you are to the turn,  you were forget that you want something to buy. So we decided to go to the hotel to check in. At six o'clock we had be here. We stay in hotel Balladins in Esbley. That probably, however, the last time will be. Because the hotel goes a lot reverse. We thought it have been now taken over by Balladins, it better will become, but nothing is less. It becomes earlier worse. After we drink coffee in the hotel, we returned at six o'clock in Disneyland. The parade was still busy. At the station you could not come in, there were so many people to look. By the shop it went a smattering.



But we must to go to the Star Tours Pavillion for Mickey' s Magical Christmas Dinner. At 7 o'clock ' s evening started the dinner. We came in a hall, where the orders were distributed, which had we only hand in. Afterwards the staff stood there in beautiful outfits, which you brought to your place. There were long tables, where 8 persons could sit to. A nicely covered, complete beautiful face, all those tables in the room.

One for one the characters belonged to down, Mickey, Minnie, Gilpetto, Pinocchio, Toy Story, the four princesses Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Belle, the children goes to them (also the parents) for photographic, signatures and a chat. They took all the time for your. In the meantime the buffet opened. That saw very good and tasted also well. Source water, red wine and white wine were given. Also soft drinks and gravy d' orange. At approximately 10 o'clock it had expired and it was possible that the children can still with the Santa Claus on the photograph in the hall. All in all a nice evening, only we thought that a show was given.

The next day we drove to New York hotel, but there was many fog, you could see almost nothing. Therefore it will become not a long day in Disneyland. We had firstly still to get some pictures of the Santa Claus Village in Critter Coral Frontierland, Woody's Roundup Village. Afterwards we went to the Walt Disney Studios Park. Here is never so many Christmas Ambience to see, but there were a couple of new thing for decoration. Fortunately that we had done yesterday the outside shows, because today you saw nothing. Mickey stood in a beautiful outfit at the car and Goofy ran as Santa on the square. Here it was not to busy. What a relief after yesterday. But it had become a piece colder. For the Crush Coaster people stood almost outside the park and was just half past ten. It is not to believe, what a waiting time. We take here and there some pictures.

The toontrain had been entirely decorated in Christmas style. Goofy stood as Santa Claus in the house chamber, also Lilo & Stich were in the Christmas environment and the last carriage belonged to Clarice the girlfriend of Chip & Dale.

All kinds of little houses had been put here, where you could buy only Christmas exclusively articles. Saw sociably. At approximately 1 o'clock we left the park and go to the of the New York, to pick up the car. We had still to drives 5 hours before we are at home. And with that fog we could leave better early. We were still just for half past eight in the evening at home. Two hours we stood in the traffic-jam in the Netherlands near Gorinchem.