The Thirty-seven time

On  July 1 we were on the back way of Spain and want to make a stop by Disneyland Resort Paris. We were with the caravan therefore  we go to Jablines, to stand there on the camp-site. It was lunch time,  we had to wait till 2 o'clock, than is the camping open again. Afterwards we made the sunroof to the caravan and  put the table and 2 chairs outside, now it is time for a drink and then to the park. The holidays had not really started and we hope that it is now not so busy. The weather is fantastic.

This year was the theme Mickey's Magical Year. There were much new things. to see in the parks.
In the Disneyland Park: Minnie's Party Train, Party Time ..... with Mickey & Friends, Goofy's Summer Camp and Dance Time….in Discoveryland.
In Walt Disney studios park: High school Musical Party, Playhouse Disney Live on Stage and Disney Stars 'n' Cars the new parade.

First of all we went to the Disneyland Park. It was meanwhile the quarter for four, the Once Upon a Dream Parade started almost, that's pretty to see always. Still make what photographs of the parade and then it time for the new show "It's party Time… with Mickey & Friends" on Central Plaza. In the first scene, a bunch of dancers with costumes of the Resort came from the Sleeping Beauty Castle (who is closed during the show) and encourage you to call Mickey, who magically appear from the scene. And then, Mickey and all the dancers dance, and some Disney characters (Peter Pan, Wendy, Donald Duck, Goofy and more) appear on the scene. Every character sing its song, and all performers will invite you to learn the dance of the character and dance it during the song. For the finale, you’ll learn the “Mickey Dance” and every guest will be invited to dance.

After these shows we went to the other park to see the new parade "Stars 'n' Cars".

In the first are present Mickey and Minnie in a black Cadillac from 1929 full with sparklers and in splendid white clothing, beside the carriage Goofy walks in his movie directors outfit.
In the second carriage a dark green one with movie design and a large movie board at the back sit Donald and Daisy,
In the third carriage, pale blue with yellow and the picture frame of the magical mirror at the back sit Snow White and Dopey,
In the fourth car, which is the also pale blue and large head of genius on the cap. The Flying Carpet sit at the back and of course Aladdin and Jasmine.
In the fifth carriage sit Sully
 atop a bright red car with the company logo of Monsters Inc.
In the sixth carriage sit Lilo & Stitch, which has been decorated with flowers and plants. And even 2 palm trees just like in Hawaii.
In the seventh carriage sit Woody and Jessie, accompanied Mr. and Ms. Potato Head at the front of the car.
In the eighth carriage sit Cruella, Gaston and the Evil Queen of Snow White, the villains of the parade. A black car with violent yellow lines.
In the ninth carriage sit Ariel, this one is aqua and full with shells and a sea horse. In the back sits Sebastian and Flounder.
In the tenth carriage
is a carousel of fun, with Mary Poppins, Bert and Dancing Penguin strolling down the street. The colorful car is topped with old-fashioned dancing carousel horses.
In the eleventh carriage, the last, is Mulan under a giant dangling Chinese umbrella. Mushu runs beside the carriage.
At the end of the parade on the Place of Stars Disney characters give there a show.
Afterwards they will give signatures to the public. And you can make photographs.

The Walt Disney Studios will close park at seven o'clock and we returned to the camp-site for a barbecue. The next day we would return. The park opened at 10 o'clock and we went now immediately to Walt Disney Studios Park. There we wanted still to make what photographs and visit the new attractions. First of all we went to Playhouse Disney Live on Stage. Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! live-show have been based on TV-show Playhouse Disney in which the famous stars became a real life. The little dolls which are playing in the show, will be awoken to life by doll-players.

During Playhouse Disney Live on Stage in the Walt Disney studios will be called the help of all present children to organize an anniversary party for Minnie Mouse with Handy Manny, Little Einstein and the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The recipe of Playhouse Disney Live on Stage exist from interactive scenes, much co-ordination, lively music and special effects among which an enormous bubble machine, by the exit of the building on the wall are all kinds of characters from the show.

Hereafter we photographed what movie posters. We had to wait for a while, for the next show of high school Musical. They stopped one time, normally 2 times, at the several shows. Only on Places of Stars. So we went firstly inside for food and to drink. It was still warm  28 degrees. The kids of East High have been back and dancing and sing in the new act High School Musical Party! This street musical brings the most known hits from the three High Schools Musical films. Large and small were invited during these celebration shows to dance and sing!

We returned to the Disneyland Park, where a show was on Town Square with Mary Poppins, Bert and the Penguins. Here we stood for a while and make some photos. We had not such a good place, but we could see it. We go further and there came the next attraction to Minnie's Party Train. We went further to Videopolis where was now Cinema Mickey. These cartoons are shown every hour, except 14.00 - 17.00. You can sit there nicely, just to drink something and after a couple of movies we went further. We saw also Dance Discoveryland, a dance show with Stitch. It's a Parade float and the dancers look like a little bit at Star Trek. The audience is the same as the great "twister" points at the floor in Discoveryland. We stopped for this day and returned to the camp-site. Tomorrow we wanted to see the show of the Stars 'n' Cars in Walt Disney Studios.

The next day we went at 1 o'clock to the park. We had put away firstly the sunroof, because the sky looks if there came rain today. But happily it stays dry. The show of the parade started just half past six in the evening, therefore we had enough time to see other things in Walt Disney studios. There was no file for Crush Coaster, these was closed for a while, therefore we took that as first. Within 10 minutes we were in the attraction. That has never happened. Afterwards we took Animagique, these remain pretty, only it's a pity that you cannot make photographs or movies. In CinéMagique we had not been there also for quite some time. Also we did Armageddon with the special effects.

It was meanwhile half past four, therefore we had still 2 hours to go. Time to drink a cook, it  was still oppressive warm. Here and there still looked at the attractions and at half past five we went direction Places of Stars. The first people sat and stood there already. But we stood in the front with a good visibility, right for the podium. Already became more people and then was it so far. The parade had started and was on gone to here. The show could started. It was be certainly worth to wait so long for 1 time to see this show. On our way to Disney Village we saw this in the street.

       Anaheim July 17 1955  9102 km              Orlando Oct. 1  1971   7272 km                Tokyo   April 15  1983   9698 km              Hong Kong  Sept. 12  2005   9584 km

We were back one more time, to see this show. Goofy's Summer Camp


The Thirty-eight time

It is November 23 and inclement weather. We leave Leerdam at seven o'clock in the morning. 5 hour drive, we would be at Disneyland 12 o'clock. But no way in Antwerp we had so much traffic, and in Brussels the same, so we were at 2 o'clock in Paris. But fortunately it has become dry.

It was very quiet in the park. No waiting times, it is sometimes pleasant. But now it started to rain and continued all afternoon. Many Christmas decorations were not there. Maybe a little too early. But the Christmas began on November 8. But first we look around here and take photos before it was raining too hard.


We first went to Belle's Christmas Village. We took pictures as possible because of rain. Every drop you see in the picture. But it still managed to take quite some pictures. On to the next attraction. That was "It's a Small World Celebration". We were lucky because they had just been opened Saturday, November 21. Outside, the flag changed in Celebration. The 200 dolls have been given new clothes and accessories for Christmas 150 fitted. Even St.Nicolaus is there now. And you hear a special Christmas performance of It's a Small World. The music is from the American parks and takes about fifteen minutes. This can be seen until February 15, 2010. The last Celebration was in 2003/2004.


It was becoming increasingly harder rain, so we went to Pirates of the Caribbean. We also took some pictures.
After we went to Woody Roundup Village where Santa was. We did not Santa Claus in the picture and it is difficult to make pictures inside there. We have a couple. Because it is still raining we went to Mickey's Winter Wonderland show. Behind us were the doors closed. So we were just in time. We were now in a very different place. But we could see it well. This show is always fun.

It was now a quarter to five. The rain was slightly less. And we proceeded to the parade, this continued. We could easily find a place. And since the parade always begins 10 minutes later we were on time. Here the pictures of Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade followed by the Dreams of Christmas. For six hours, the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Every evening, guests are invited to a stunning brand-new show around the majestic Christmas Tree in Town Square. Enchanted illumination orchestrated by Mickey and Minnie Mouse in person promises to dazzle young and old alike with loads of magical Christmas surprises. Sleeping Beauty Castle Lighting Spectacular every night under the Sleeping Beauty Castle is a true transformation in an incredible spectacle and twinkling. The Castle is due to slightly more than 400,000 turned into a really sparkling ice palace. At seven o'clock came to the Fantillusion Parade. That was years ago that we had seen. There were no fireworks at the end of the day. So we went back to the hotel.


The next day it was 10 o'clock. We took first the Walt Disney Studios Park. See if there were also Christmas decorations. The weather was extremely quiet. The stalls were not all open. So first we took some shops. We bought some pottery and that we did not take it with us, but we could get it, if we went home. That was better. Further into the park. At half past ten came Merry Christmas Walt Disney Studios, the car with Mickey, Minnie, Chip and Dale, Goofy, Donald and Daisy. Only Mickey and Minnie were in Christmas clothes. Goofy was Father Christmas. They shared autographs and you could take pictures.


Gradually were all the stalls open and the people came into the park. But it was still quiet. We went back to the other park to do some shooting there. We took some pictures in Adventureland and Frontierland. Back to the castle for the show Snow White - Happily Ever After to see. Finally we took the haunted house and we went back to the Walt Disney Studios Park for the packets to retrieve. It was now 1 o'clock and we still had at least 5 hours to drive.



The Thirty-nine Time

We were backward on the return journey from Spain to the Netherlands with car and caravan. And as usual we go back to Disney.
Wednesday, June 30 we arrived at the campsite in Jablines. It was pretty hot. First quickly put down the caravan with awning and then at half past four to the park. The car we parked at the Newport Bay hotel. There were quite a lot of people in the park. From the hotel you can go by bus or walk. We decided to do the walking. But you could just through Sequoia Lodge to the park. The other road was cordoned off for work in Disney Village.


For some countries, the holiday has already begun. It was about four hours when we were in the park. The shadow side of Main Street was already busy for the parade. So we went there too tight. The parade started at 5 hours. There was actually a new attraction added to this parade Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen. The first colored princess of Disney. For the first afternoon we had seen it, now we do not have to wait for the parade the coming days. Yet anything shopped, a beanie and a statue of Mickey with aircraft purchased.


The second day July 1 we first went by bus from Newport Bay hotel to the park. We went straight to the Walt Disney Studios Park. Just look around and then took the Tram Studios Tour. From the tram you could well see the new attraction Toys Playland ........ It's mot ready now but late this summer. Some filmed and pictures taken. In the afternoon we ate and drink, it was pretty crowded in the park. The temperature was magnificent, something really hot about 32 degrees. But there was a nice breeze. We wanted to wait for a moment on the Disney's Stars' n Cars Parade guards, who arrived at a quarter to three. It now has a car with it Ratatouille. And it was on time. Yet here to drink a coke and then to another park. Since we wanted to see the new show. This started about 10 minutes after 4. So we had to wait 20 minutes. But unfortunately, at 16.05 came an announcement that the show was off. So we have to watch this tomorrow. We looked around and go back to the camping.


The third day Friday, July 2 we went to the Disney park. It was half past ten and it was pretty hot al About 28 degrees. We went to A Small World to do some filming. We had enough photos, but no movie. There were not many people. Then we go to the Pirates of the Caribbean's turn. Meanwhile, the park was full and it was even hotter.


In the afternoon it was even hotter. At 1 hour it was 33 degrees. We first eat and drink and then we wanted to see the show again. First came the Disney All Star Express. And then we went to ask if the show Disney Showtime Spectacular goes on. What was not the case and now it was 37 degrees and so the figures do not dance then this is way too hot.  In the evening started the show at about 8 o'clock. But then we come back. That is the convenience of the Dream Pass. And we had nothing else to see, what was so good with this heat. So we went at a quarter to three back to the campsite to watch football World Cup. But even there it was terribly hot.