The 45th Time

 On October 30 we left direction Disneyland Paris for the Halloween. We went away in the morning at seven hours. But unfortunately it was very busy on the road and we arrived at 1 hour. The parking lot was huge full, something we had never seen. But yes the French had holiday.

 Finally is a very new decor with Halloween. It looked very good. Immediately upon arrival you could see it. It was enormous pressure on children who normally should be to school. The park would be open until 11 p.m., so we had all the time.


Here more pictures of Times Square en Mainstreet USA.


We wanted to see in any case the Mickey's Halloween Treat in the Street. The show is 5 times a day and we could see the show of 3 hours. It was now a quarter past two, so we went first make some photos in Frontierland. Also here was a new decor. The witches were all gone. Here you can see the photos of Frontierland.


The fastpassen were no longer available in the afternoon. The waiting time for an attraction were about 1 hour and more. So we decided only to take pictures. It was now time for the show, we still had 10 minutes, but it was full everywhere. We stand on the stairs opposite the Royal Castle Stage. There we could see just fine and take photos.


The show Mickey's Halloween Treat in the Street lasted a half hour and was very nice. It was the first time that we saw this show, but last year the show was there also . So now time for a cappuccino. At five o'clock we wanted to check into the hotel. So we still had some time to spare. We went to the haunted house, but arrived there, the people were almost at the entrance .... wait an hour and a half.

We are not entered and decided to go to the hotel first and then what to eat. 

After dinner we went back to the park. It started raining softly. We were welcomed by the big band. Who played in the indoor area.

 Actually we wanted to see Disney Dreams. But that lasted over 2 hours before that came. Some took more pictures with the lights. It started to rain pretty hard, so we decided to go to Disney Village, to look in the new shop World of Disney. 

 He is not as big as in Orlando.  But yet again a nice shop. The theme of this shop is Travel. When leaving the two parks you automatically come along this shop. With the half globe on top of the roof and Mickey and Minnie as images for the store. These originate from the Disney store in Manhattan New York.

 Inside is a large hot air balloon with Mickey, Minnie and Pluto on the way to Paris. The walls outside have beautiful panels in Art Deco style well-known figures. The store is opened on 12 July 2012.



After this we went back to the parkingplace to pick up the car and return to the hotel.

The next morning we were at 10 am in the park. It was there already busy again, lots of buses. The weather was delicious, Sun and around 15 degrees. We took first the train, there it was now not pressure and made a roundtrip through the park. This organ stands on the Mainstreet station and it was never noticed us. After this we went to Frontierland to take pictures what we normally did not. But first a cup of coffee in Fuente del Oro.  

In Frontierland we went to Pocahontas Indian Village. This part of the park we had actually not seen often. That is the advantage if it is so busy, then you go do other things, at least if you comes several times a year as we do.

After this we went direction Adventureland to make some photos of the neighborhood. Also we went to go to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. This attraction is at the very end of Adventureland, you don't come often, especially if you do not this attraction. But there were many things that we haven't seen and therefore we had no pictures.

Now it was time to go eat and we went to Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet Restaurant where you get a buffet at a reasonable price and very tasty. It is open only between noon and there is usually busy. It was half past one when we finished eating and go then briefly to the shops before we go home, pick up the car and drove home.