De 46th Time

 On the way back from Spain, we went along as usual still at Disney. We were back at the campsite in Jablines. We eat first and then tonight to Disney for the show. It was not very crowded in the park, while it was already July. The show would begin at ten o'clock and we were there at half past eight. We went for the Castle and slowly came the people for watch the show.

     There were a few changes for us, which we haven't seen. It remains a dazzling and spectacular show. Next, at eleven o'clock we went back to the campsite.                           

The next morning we were back at half past ten in the park. We didn't have much to see, to take some photos and go to the another park. Changed lately not so much.

We took first Startours, we had already taken a fastpass, so we didn't have to wait so long.

On the way to the other park came the toontrain going on. So again a few pictures taken.

Also walked around here, but we were just too late for the parade. Though there came all kinds of figures the square on.

From those figures we make some photo's and then on the way to the camp site, because the sky was really dark.






               De 47th time 

At the end of August 2013 we were on our way to Bretagne, so just made a stop at Disney. The weather was beautiful and amazingly arousing at all pressure. We could take fast passes and we were about an hour and a half  to use them. That was a long time ago.              

First look at the pirates, were there not been a while.


Further we went to Big Thunder Mountain, the haunted house Phantom Manor and the Riverboat Landing. There we took several pictures.


Next we wanted to go eat in Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet Restaurant, but unfortunately after the umpteenth time weather sealed. So we went to Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost  and that was good too.

 in the afternoon we went again to Walt Disney Studios to see the Disney Stars and Cars and this time we were on time.


Some walk around and then back to the campsite.