The 44th time

Tuesday July 3-2012 we were back from our trip to Spain. And as usual we go than for 3 days to Disneyland Paris. We were at half past two at the camping Jablines.

In the afternoon at half past four we go to the park. We would see the new parade. The weather was beautiful 27 degrees and we would stay till the parks closed. First we make some pictures.


There were a lot of people in the park and the summertime was not yet begun. That is next week. The first people were there to wait for the parade, who begins at seven o'clock in the evening. It was now half past five. So we looked also for a good place to see the parade. It was a long time to site at the street, but...... At 18.15 was everyone there and they sitting in 2 rows. Finally it was seven o'clock and there was the Disney Magic on Parade and this time on time. After 20 years. Mostly he begins ten minutes later.


After this we went to the Phantom Manor, that is always nice to do and mostly no long waiting time.


So now we take first a cup of coffee and than we wait for the new show Disney Dreams. We must search first for a good place. We found a bank at the over side by the castle, where the show started. It was a quarter past eight, so we must wait for a long time, before it was eleven o'clock. Than begins the show. But in a short time there were so many people, everyone was sitting at the ground.

           Finally it was so far, the show begins. But the waiting time was it worth. It was just fantastic. A show with water, movies and firework. To make pictures was a little bit difficult, therefore was it too moveable,  but a few I have. The most I made from the movie we made, which was good. As soon it was finished, we went to the car to go back to the camping site. There we were at a quarter past twelve.

The next day we went at half past ten to the park. First we go to look if the Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet Restaurant was open, because we want to eat there that day.

In between we have photographic all the welcome sings in the park. 

After that we went to Meet Mickey Mouse in Fantasyland. They played movies while you waiting. On the wall are several posters. The waaiting time  was 60 minutes. You goes through the  coulisses of the theater, after that you comes in the dressing room of Mickey. You see also some attribution.

You can also with Mickey on the photo. It is all neatly in jobs.  2 groups  become allowed each time. You get ample time to photograph everything. After the locker room you come in a corridor where are some attributes. Then you come in a space where the photos are shown and you can buy them.

We are still in some shops and of course I bought something for my collection. This time a figurine of Mickey 20 years.

Hereinafter it was wait until half past one, for the Disney's 20 Anniversary Celebration Train. Here were Chip and Chop, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Duffi and Mickey and Minnie. All in feastclothing.

When the train was over, it began to splash around and we went back to the campsite. Once on the campsite we have a drink and after an hour it started to rain and storms. We were glad we gone home.


The last day tomorrow, we did not have much more to see in the park, still make some pictures and then through to Val d'Europe for some shopping .


At half past twelve in the afternoon we went back to the park. The sun was not shining, but it was still dry. We are first gone to the Walt Disney Studios Park. We  looked around, because we wanted to (Nemo) but the wait time was 75 minutes. That we found something to long and it also began to rain. So we go again in the shops but. It was slightly drier, so now on to another park. The celebration train came there again. Just a few pictures created and on to the Castle. The Castle viewed from within. The coach of Cinderella on the photo. Then we eat an ice cream. We wanted to go to Disney Village, but there came the train again to Central Plaza. Now the characters gone out and walked to the places, where you she could photograph.


So now we could go to Disney Village. There came a whole dark air over Disney, so it would certainly not remain dry. Bought anything yet and then back to the parking for the car. We were just in the car when it started to rain very hard. What were we glad that we had seen the parade and the show of 11 p.m. the first.