The eightteenth time


Early in the morning we went to Disneyland. We had still 2 days to go, on out 3 days pass. And the Christmas ambience is always a pleasure to see.

 The weather was perfect. We were half past ten in the park. We stay in a hotel 2 miles away from Disney. We must check in before 10 p.m. otherwise it’s closed. But the park is open till half past eight. So that’s no problem.

First we went to Belle’s Christmas Village, where Belle and her friends will singing and dancing a musical medleys. For something special we did not came this time. The park was very quiet. Even you did not used the fast pass.

We went to “It’s a small world”. We did not take any pictures of this attraction, but we try it now with the digital camera. The pictures were good. So now to Mickey’s Show Time, which you can see at Videopolis in Discoveryland. Time for a cup of coffee with  cake. In the meantime it was a little bit colder, properly through the fog. There was snow in the Mainstreet sometimes. That looks funny.

We looked around in the shops and buy something for my collection. With the train around the park. No waiting time. Now we wait for the Christmas Parade, who begins at 4 o’clock. First came Mickey with a car.


After this we went eat early, because we want to see Mickey’s Winter Wonderland. The last performers was at 4.45 pm. We had see this show several times, bit it is always a pleasure to see it.

It was colder now and we must wait for a while, before the Fantillusion Parade will comes. It’s raining now a little bit.


We have now still one day to go and we will come back in February 2004.

The nineteenth Time

It is meanwhile 14 February 2004 and we have with us our eldest granddaughter, taken to Disneyland. Friday noon  we went away round approximately half past three. Round half pas eight we had checked in for the evening  in a hotel in Esbly, and were again on our way to Disney Village. The next morning we had to go the whole day to the park. We had lucky, for meanwhile we were in the row for a ticket for our granddaughter, a man came to us, and asked if we would have a ticket for 1 day. Yes that's what we wanted. We had self still 1 day on the 3 daily pass


The Lion King Carnival was there till 8 March. At the end of the Mainstreet, where came a show at different moments. With at the end of these show a real lion (Simba). We considered to take this year a annual pass, but it was postponed so pressure in the office, that we wait just till noon.  Meanwhile we went to   Mickey's Show Time in Videopolis. Chardonnay wanted actual well with Winnie the Pooh on the photograph, but the waiting time was so long that she does not do it.  Just get a fast pass  for the Big Thunder Mountain and we could be there round quarter for three. We go into the haunted house  and after that even what to eat. This became a hotdog. We eating outside. It was not totally cold. It was meanwhile 2 o'clock in the afternoon, consequently tried we firstly the office for the annual pass, now it was not so pressure. And we had luck. A photograph make, pay  and we hat the pass. We  could use yet 10 fast passes, at the same time. On our way to the BTM. Even with the fast pass there was a row, but not so long as without that passes. We had the largest laugh all the three of. Chardonnay wanted again and again. And now brought that extra fast passes outcome. We could use it at the same time again.  Yet just the photographs raise and go to the next attraction. First of all we wanted to see the Princess ParadeThese resembles awful to the normal parade. It was well nicely. After this we went to the following park. Walt Disney Studios Park. Chardonnay was there before, we had than just a half hour, and now  we had at least yet one and a half hour. We went something to drink first  and then we go to the trailer of Mickey, she went with Mickey on the photograph. The last hour in this park, you can go no longer into  many things. There was still  open Animaque. It was the last performance and  also totally full. Time to eat for the evening. We wanted a pizza, but finally nobody took a pizza, but something else. As yet even watches on the Fantillusion Parade and perhaps the fire works and then yet 5 hour back ride to the Netherlands

The twentieth time

 On 12 March we left to Spain for 3 months. It is become meanwhile custom, that we go on the way and back, make a trip to Disneyland Resort Paris. Also these time. On the way trip there was nothing news to see, but normally nicely again just to look. And we have meanwhile also a passport annual Dream on which we may each day into the park . This passport bought we in February and had to exchange coupons for 6 weeks after date of buying. For instance the coupon for 20% discount on the purchases. What we naturally have done, through my collection snowballs to knit. And yet a few others compete to buy. We stood on a camp ground 17 km. of Disneyland.

On the back trip, 25 June 2004, we took firstly the radar boat. That was long ago, that we were upon. After that we wanted to see the newest show The Legend of the Lion King. Which began on Saturday 26 June . Unfortunately for us, lay the invitation for the première at home in the Netherlands. While we were in Spain. But we saw the show on Saturday noon. It was  enormous pressure, we had to wait one and a half hour, but we sat also in front    then and hopefully the photograph’s are succeeded.

 Legend of the Lion King the show is fantastic, beautiful sung and danced. A brilliant scenery, what each time in someone else beautiful scenery changes, also with fire. One show is is in the French language, while then the next show defence in English, that or changes otherwise round .

Also we saw the show at the pirates ship of Peter Pan to the Rescue. The show brings dance, music and high-flying acrobatics. Together with Wendy, her little brother and Peter Pan travel to Neverland and go Catch the fight at with captain Hook on the pirates ship. An amusing show, by which you become  soaking wet, as you stands on the wrong spot, that are on the bridge and at the other side of the pirates ship. They finished with a gun shot  and almost right time spray there an enormous jet of water the crowd.

In Walt Disney Studios, we could see a show of Lilo & Stitch Catch the Wave Party. A show with Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Lilo & Stitch. They are brought in large American car’s. They dance and sing with 2 men of the Disney team. Lilo & Stitch do a rock & roll number of Elvis.

Also we have tried to take flash photograph’s of Animaque,  there not succeeded, but the show is usual very amusing. Mickey has the key of the door which Donald may not have. Then Mickey  goes away and late hang the key . Donald takes him and goes into the door, he comes in the magic of the movies.

Sunday again the last day, it was warm  again all three the days, but not to. The Saturday and Sunday are always the busiest days. The waiting periods walk then also proper on. Only yes, we have seen everything what we would see and go Monday in the direction of the Netherlands.


The 21th time

Thursday morning February 10  we went to Disney. Kids carnival were there at that moment on the carnival Square at the Mainstreet. Our annual Dream Passport expirer at February 13, so we had to buy a  new one. But we had no lucky, the computer was faulty, no annual passport, tomorrow we try it again. It was raining and not cold. We were there around half past three. Firstly we looked around, then  we want to see, probably the last time of this season, "Mickey's Winter Wonderland". This show is always nice to see, also if you see it still frequently. Now something had changed and the seats are always full. It was meanwhile half past five and we will eat something. There were much restaurants closed. We wanted fish and chips........but  that........was closed. So we go to Bella Notte. This was open. The park was open till 8 o’clock in the evening. At half past seven came the Fantillusion parade. We have seen this also a couple of times,  but remained as dry, we would continue look at. After we had eat we had taken a couple attractions for the evening parade. We took a few photos of the parade, only it’s a pity that the last of Minnie, never can clearly photograph. This time also not. But we remain trying. We had parked the car at Newport Bay hotel, therefore we go with the bus to the hotel, there we take the car back to our little hotel in Esbly. We had not yet reserved, but that was not necessary, only in the summer. Hopefully  does to the computer it tomorrow, so that we can nevertheless buy our annual passport. .

The following morning it drizzled. It had been exactly half ten when we drive at the parking area. It was still quiet, a few cars. At eleven o'clock you had to reserve for the Lion King, but there were restricted places. Also the office opened at 11 o'clock for the annual passport. We had enough time. We take a fast pass for Peter Pan, where we could in with half an hour. So  we went firstly to the Pirates or the Caribbean. At Peter Pan is always busy, the advantage of the fast pass. Therefore firstly to the reservation of the Lion King, but when we arrived, there stood of it a file from here to Tokyo. Not on guards on our way to Star tours. Fast pass did not do it over there, but the file was not long, however, when we came back from there, the row was long. The file at the Lion King had also disappeared, but this show we had seen it already in July 2004. The office were open and the computer did it also. So we got the new ones  with 10 fast passes and a present. Coupons to eat and to shop with 20% discounts. At half past twelve started the Kids Carnival. The 1st small parade was the carnival of The Little Mermaid Carnival with Minnie, Ursula and their friends on the rhythm of the calypso. The show lasted 25 minutes and the children was obtained to participate. Now firstly eat, because the Second parade comes at 13.45 and is The Jungle Book Carnival. Exactly on time for this second small parade, which lasted 20 minutes. These was with Donald, Baloo and his friends with music and dancing. It was considerably busy now. A pity of  the rain, but yes, which we knows already. This day continued rain, so we decided return around 3 o’clock in the afternoon to go to the Netherlands and we don’t  wait for the lock of the Carnival Dance Party, where the Jungle meets  the Sea in the presence of the Carnival King and Queen. Still even what redeems for my collection and then going home. With Easter we come back here.