Trailer Troubles


Mickey opened the door of his little house. "What a day!" he said. Then he pulled a crank. In the blink of an eye, everything folded up inside the house. What was left was a trailer attached to a little car. In the driver's seat sat Goofy. And off they drove. Mickey whistled a little time as he fixed breakfast. He cut fresh corn as they passed by a cornfield.


"Milk, Mickey?" called Goofy from the car. He was holding hay out to a cow so Mickey could milk her!

Meanwhile, Donald Duck snored loudly in his bunk. Mickey pushed a button, and Donald's bunk folded up. In its place was a bathtub, and Donald hopped tight in.





Seconds later, the bathtub disappeared. It was replaced with a breakfast table. Time to eat! Mickey and Donald sat down, joined by Goofy. As they all helped themselves to breakfast, Mickey looked up. "Hey! Who's driving?" he said. Goofy laughed. "Why, I am!" Then they all screamed "AAAAAHHH!"


Sure enough, their little driverless car had plowed into a road sign and was chugging along unsteadily. Goofy scrambled out of the trailer and back into the car. But he accidentally unhitched the trailer in the process. With a big sigh of relief, Goofy started to drive on, totally unaware that the trailer was now zooming down the mountain.


BUMP! THUMP! BUMP! The trailer flipped over and over as Mickey and Donald held on for dear life. Objects flew everywhere.






As the trailer careened around hairpin turns, Donald reached for the phone. "HELP! HELP!" he screamed into the receiver as the force of a turn shot him out a window.

Just then, he and Mickey heard a sound. It was the whistle of a train that was heading right for them! Mickey looked on in horror.

Donald got down on his knees and started to pray. But the little trailer squeaked past just ahead of the train.

Whew! And with a few more flips and bumps, it landed back in place behind Goofy's car. "See?" called Goofy, over his shoulder. "Got you down, safe and sound!"



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