A Trip for Mickey

Mickey whistled a jaunty tune as he stepped onto the train platform. "Here she comes," he called to Pluto as the train pulled into the station. They quickly boarded the train, and were just as quickly escorted off. "No dogs allowed!" the conductor told them sternly.

The train was about to leave. What could Mickey do? In desperation, he shoved Pluto inside his suitcase and jumped on board just as the train was pulling out. Pluto whimpered, stuck in the suitcase, but the conductor was coming! Would he recognize Mickey? Hiding behind his paper, Mickey tried to escape notice.


The conductor eyed Mickey. "I remember you." he said. "All alone without your dog?" Mickey laughed nervously, but the sound of the conductor's voice was too much for Pluto. He tore out of the bag charged the conductor.






Mickey threw Pluto back into the bag and ran from the car. The conductor was hot on their trail. He chased them into the sleeping car. After a quick search, he found them hiding in someone else's cabin....




...disguised as ladies. The conductor was just about to grab them both when they went through a tunnel and the lights went out. And when the lights came back on, he had an armful of mattress springs! Finally, the conductor had them cornered.

Suddenly, Pluto was whisked away. He'd been caught by the mail book! As Mickey jumped off the train to rescue him, the conductor yelled after them, "And stay off!"

But Mickey and Pluto didn't care. "Hey, we're here!" cried Mickey. They'd arrived as planned. They shook hand - and paws - happily.