Kiddy Commotion

"This is the perfect day for our picnic!"said Mickey Mouse to himself. He was driving a truck full of orphan children to the park for a picnic lunch.


Donald Duck, perched atop the truck, was keeping everyone entertained by leading a sing-along.


"We're here!" shouted the children as the truck pulled through the gate. They scrambled off to play, fish and swim, while the grownups set up the picnic. Donald sang a happy song to himself while he set out the plates and the food. He didn't notice that he had a few hungry visitors until the food started disappearing!



First, he had to chase away one little orphan child, and then another. Meanwhile, Mickey was playing with some other children. He allowed himself to be blindfolded and then spun around until he was dizzy. As he staggered about the grounds, he felt little hands pushing him along. And every now and then, he'd get a swift kick in the shins. Oh, the little dickens! he thought with a laugh.





Donald, however, wasn't finding much to laugh about. Some of the orphans were sneaking up and trying to steal the food! Finally, Donald blew his stack. "We're sorry, Uncle Donald!" chorused the children. One sweet little boy came forward to apologize with a lovely flower.



When Donald leaned forward to smell it, a bee landed on his bill! Before he knew it, he had the whole hive chasing him angrily through the woods until he trapped them in a hollow log.


He fumed as an orphan handed him a peace offering - a sandwich. He didn't realize there was a bee in that sandwich, too, and took a big, buzzing bite.

Poor old Donald!









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