Mickey's Dream

While Mickey slept peacefully in his bed, his "dream self" was ready for adventure. Dream-Mickey rose up from his sleeping body. Then he hopped up a chair and climbed onto thee mantle. He touched the mirror. His hand went right through it! So he pushed his whole body right through the mirror and found himself in a strange new world.


All the pieces of furniture were alive! There was an armchair with a doily for a hat, a coatrack in a coat and top hat, and a feisty little footstool. Boy, did they look angry! They must not like people stepping on them, thought Mickey. Mickey jumped down from the chair and began to look around. He found a bowl of nuts on a table and popped one into his mouth. He felt strange! He suddenly got huge and then very small. He was toy-sized! This could be fun, thought Mickey as he tapped his feet.


The others seemed to agree. The radio swayed happily to the beat. Mickey played jump rope with a telephone, and then he began to dance. He was joined by a pair of gloves, a top hat, and a cane.


As Mickey began to march to the music, a deck of cards caught the rhythm and lined up right behind him. "Forward, march!" he cried. He tried another command. "Cards, shuffle!" Cards jumped in front of him, mixing it up. Mickey laughed with delight.





He grabbed the Queen of Hearts for a spin around the dance floor. As they danced cheek to cheek, the King of Hearts noticed and got mad. Suddenly, the adventure wasn't fun anymore.





Cards attacked Mickey, who defended himself with a pen. He ran for the mirror. Suddenly, he was back in bed, with the alarm clock ringing in his ears! Whew---it was all a dream! What a relief! He rolled over with a laugh and went back to sleep.




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