The Browns

Walt Disney Studios


Saturday April 2 we went to the Walt Disney Studios. The weather was good, there were more people then yesterday. We came mainly for the parade. But that came  just at noon. Much we did not need to see here. Therefore we took the tramtour firstly.

However, we wanted see the stunt show again. There we were exact on time for and could this way pass through to the platform. The show remains fantastic, only  the film, which they make with observers, when you have seen that after 3 or 4 time, and are then a little long. Hereafter we will look for a place to eat and drink.

Time for the Disney Cinéma parade, it became already many people along the side of the path. Still 5 minutes to wait and then he comes. Here too  was also changed one and other one, it had been suffered meanwhile again 2 years that we were there. The newest characters walked along, the Incredibles and Brother Bear. By further reading in the plan we saw, that there was in the morning also a parade, Good Morning Walt Disney Studios. We decided to look that the next day.

Still just to Animaque and then to the camp-site to take some more sunshine.. That is the advantage of the annual dream pass.

The following morning we were in the park a quarter past ten. The parade started at half past ten. It was there not busy, everyone went to the other park. And at the Incredibles were considerable what people to go on the photograph with them. Here in the park the parade started exactly on time  and there came the first car of Good Morning Walt Disney Studios. They drove until the Production Courtyard and came out from the cars for to make photos there and to give their signatures. Those we did not need now, but the next time goes a grandchild with us..

Nevertheless still just as to the other park for what to eat. This time became it hot dog, the Hot Dog Car was still closed, therefore we took the boat firstly. At re-entry it was open and we could sit deliciously in the sun. Back to the camp-site and the next day we go to Normandy.