November 2006

On Sunday 12 November round half two, we left to LA, with an intermediate stop in Washington.  There we had to wait 5 hour on the following airplane, but with the strict safeties standards, we had to hurry us to get on time at the airplane. We came in Los Angeles at 21.00 hour and must then to Alamo for our rental car. That became this time a Monte Carlo. On  our way to the hotel in Anaheim. What 1 block was removed of the Disney Theme Parks.  So that must be not so difficult, but it was....  After more than two hour drive in the surroundings and to be been quite nearby, found we final the West Street. Then the hotel was so found. After we had checked in, we could finally to bed.  We were in the meanwhile 26 hour up.

The next morning go to the park. The weather was brilliant, no complain.  We might have 1 hour previously in the park.  We had taken a 4 daily Hopper pass in the Netherlands. The entrance was very amusing with the California Park. It was indeed but 8 minutes walk from our hotel, what was very easily for us, when in the evenings, it gets a little bit colder and we wanted to dress, then we  went to the park back again. The first attractions that we took. were the ones, which we don't have in DLP,  Mr. of Toad's Wanted Ride, Alice in Wonderland and Matter horn's Bobsleds. The last one had been closed unfortunately, so on to the next. That became the Mad Tea Cups and It's a Small World Holidays. These was totally in Christmas atmosphere decorated. On to Storybook Land Canal Boats which you sail with boats along the miniatures of the animation films. Further we went into the Pirates or the Caribbean. These is also differently than in DLP, alone the beginning. 

The haunted house "Haunted Mansion Holiday" had been decorated in Halloween and Christmas atmosphere. These two together was an amusing variant formed on the haunted house. We made a ride with the Mississippi Radar boat over the lake, before we go to The many Adventures or Winnie the Pooh. Here you goes with cars through the the Hundred Acre Wood, where Pooh and his friends are, search for honey, what else for Pooh. On our way to Disney's Princess Fantasy Fair.  Where each time someone else story were done through 1 of the princesses. o. a. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow-white.  We saw Sleeping Beauty. And the children could with the princesses on the photograph. There nearby was ToonTown, their own little village of Mickey, Minnie, Chip and Dale, Goofy, Donald, Roger Rabbit and Pluto. The house of Mickey and Minnie. The garage of Goofy. The boat of Donald. The tree house of Chip and Dale.  Roger Rabbit Car Show Spider and the Gadget's Go Coaster. 

We saw this day also the Billy Hill & the Hillbillies in the Golden Horse Show Stage under the enjoyment of a drink.  We were tired of that slow walking and went direction the hotel.  On the way we saw the flag ceremony. The first day was over and in the evening we will go to Downtown Disney, where we also could walk, but firstly what to eat and drink.

The second day. 
This time we went to Disney's California Adventure. The park opened just 10.00 hour of the morning. So we had all time.  Just well in the sunshine sit in Downtown Disney.  By the entrance of the park, stand all these letters CALIFORNIA.  Only the first and the last one had been decorated. It was delightfully again. Too warm for the time of the year.  But for us no problem.  This park was totally new for us. There were almost no waiting periods, and that with many people. 

The first attraction that we took was Soarin' over California. These was tremendously.  Your stretch with 3 rows next to each other and three rows behind each other. You fly over Napa Valley, Reason wood Creek, Yosemite National Park to San Francisco and defense back along another way and ended by Disneyland, where the fire works goes down. We came out of it and took immediately a fast pass, single hours later to go again. We take a look at Grizzly River Run.  From that attraction you became totally wet. Further walking to Sunset Plaza for Santa's Beach Blast  Here you can have a photograph with the Santa. There are also some Characters as Mickey, Goofy and Chip and Dale. Mostly plays there a music group The Wave Riders and goes the cast-members playing with the children. It was time to see the musical Aladdin. This was given in the Hyperion Theater in Hollywood Pictures Backlot. We made  many photos, but you might not flash. The musical Aladdin was very good. The scenery was beautifully with many spectacle. It brought the film live on stage. Look for somewhere to eat. It fell up, that there is no longer so much junk food as otherwise. There were everywhere salads available and meat. Naturally you could wanted to get the burger as well. Only not by each occasion. 

The next attraction was Monsters Inc.  - Mike and Sulley to the Rescue. A heroes race through Monstropolis, to return Boo back to her room.

 Third day. 
Now we must to explore the Paradise Pier. A lot of attractions we don't get in, the Californis Screamin and Maliboomer. The other attractions took we did. The large Sun Wheel, turns not only around, but the bins slide also, while the other bins  are stuck. Mulholland Madness you ride in the mini coaster through the famous Mulholland Drive. The Zephyr Counted with turning spaceships. There was also a Boardwalk, with all sorts of game arcades, where you wanted to shootand other things. We must see the Magic of Brother Bear Totem Ceremony.  Here you meet Koda and Kenai the stars from Brother Bear for a magical ceremony in which we discover the spirit in us all. After finishing, you could get with them on the photo. 

In A Bug's Country, you could see It's Tough to be a Bug a 3 D film. Flik's Fun Fair is a playground with 5 small attractions for the little ones. At the Hollywood Backlot Stage we saw also Drawn to the Magic, where you meet the animators (and some favorite Disney Characters) in this high-energy musical tribute to the magic of the Disney Animation.  We stay here for making photos in the evening by the lighting. We would come back the next evening for the . To come play along as Disney presents the Pixar Film Pals!. Everyone is invited to join the excitement games and fun of Block Party Bash.

The fourth and last day in Disneyland.
This day we brought it mostly through in the Disneyland Park. Friday comes also for the first time the Christmas Parade. Firstly just go to the Pirates or the Caribbean. On the way you came already singing pirates against. Further to the Santa's Reindeer Round-up. The Santa in a house with all 8 real reindeers with the names in bins on a board. The children could with Santa on the photo. Pluto walked there also around and you could buy all kinds of Christmas stuff. Warm chocolate milk to drink with cookies. Up to Jedi Training Academy, where we eat also. A Jedi Master will train randomly-selected children in the ways of the Force show them how to use light sabers and prepare them to duel against a Star War villain. One more time to It's a small world and then was it time for the Kerst Fantasy Parade. These began round half four of the noon's, so we had time to find a good place. We wanted to see the parade also this evenings by lightning, but we must go back to the other park for the Block Party Bash. 

Round half eleven we had a reserved place for the Fantasmic. The show in WDW is otherwise, but these was also very good. It is only a pity that the photos almost do not succeeded with us. The pirateship of Peter Pan were used for the fight against the villains and later on at the end came the Mississippi boat with all Characters.

It was in the meanwhile a quarter past eleven,  we went in the direction of our hotel. The next day we went 3 days to Las Vegas. Then come back to LA and take the airplane to Orlando.   


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