I've rewritten this site and scanned the photos from the foto-album


On September 4, 2000, we go with an interval of 12 years back to Florida. The first week we stayed in a hotel in Orlando.

 On September 10, we went to the Disney hotel. We had booked for 10 days. We had the flex pass. The entrance were included. We stay in the All Star Music Resort. A very big complex. There were 2 swimming pools, a shop and a cafeteria, where you get a breakfast in the morning . In the evening you can eat a pizza and chips, salad etc. When you buy a mug, then is the rest of your staying, free from drinks, if you put it in the mug. Before the entrance of the hotel, the buses are waiting to bring you to the different parks.

The hiring car that we had for that time, we bring it back, we don't needed the car for those 10 days. Also in the  evening was it possible to go with the bus to Downtown Disney. There were so many new things, but for that had enough time to see that.

In the middle of the park was the Tree of Live. This tree were used for the attraction "It's tough to be a Bug".

Animal Kingdom have been divided in Oasis, Discovery Island here stand the Tree or Live, Camp Minnie-Mickey here were given the shows Pocahontas and her Forest Friends and the Lion King, Africa here you could make a safari with Kilimanjaro Safari then go you with a big four wheel drive car to the inland country, you can see all kinds of animals and Pagini Forest Exploration Trail, Asia here is Flight of Wonders and River Rapids and Rafiki's Planet Watch here is the Wild Life Express Train. 

 In the middle of the park is the Tree stand or Live. This tree were used for the attraction "It's  tough to be a Bug".


We had planned one day for Animal Kingdom, so far it was good. The shows were great. You must be there on time, so you can take the pictures and to have a good sight. At the end of the afternoon we went to Mickey and Minnie.


So the first day was over. Back to the hotel for dinner and than by bus to Downtown Disney.

Today we went to the Disney MGM Studios. We had never seen this park before. The weather was again brilliant.

First we looked at the ground-plan and decided, what we must see this day, and than we can come back an other day. First we visited a show, it began half past ten. A spectacular show during 30 minutes full explosive and ammunition, with airplanes and where Indiana Jones it still survived

After that on our way to Studios Backlot Tour, with a car-train along all kinds of events, among other things an inundation and an earthquake, where a tank car falls downstairs and goes on fire.


Different shows: Voyage of the Little Mermaid, The Hunchback of the Notre Dame, a musical. And the musical Beauty and the Beast.     

In the afternoon the parade Mulan came along, a big parade with beautiful cars. But the culminating-point of this park, was certainly the show of the evening. It began at eight o'clock, when it was getting dark. We were largely in time, to get good places. The show is certainly the worthwhile. He was in one word glorious. They show a boat which is totally lightened with many characters. At the end of the show a huge firework. The photos are not so good most of them, a few photos you can see something. After the show it took a while, before you get out of the park. So many people who want to go home, to the cars and buses. At the end of the show it seems we get rain, but it stays dry. But a very successful.  

It's Saturday and it's raining so hard, and it looks that there coming no changes today. We must buy something in a shop in Epcot Center.   So we going by bus, but first we buy an umbrella. And full good spirit on our way. It is a pity of the electric parade, because that's not going through by rain, since we never see that parade in America.

This day we keep seeing the park and we go to Downtown Disney. There we walk at least dry. It's everywhere busy in the shops and restaurants.  But we stay till late in the evening and have all the time of the world.

After dinner we went and looked at Disney Quest. There you could do, so many interactive games. We did the animated course.With as result, that you get a diploma, when you do it well. Of course everybody could get that diploma, but we found one enough. Just a pleasure for the scrap-book. We drink something and we go further. There were so much to see and do. After 1 hour we go to Pleasure Island. And looked in the shops. There were also a special Lego shop with outside all kinds of lego-figures.

To Pleasure Island we could go in the evening, after nine o'clock, without paying  only we get a bracelet, because we stay in a Disney hotel. Every day another color bracelet.



We had half of the time behind us. Still 5 days to go and than we moved on. Today we went first to Magic Kingdom. Many new things are not there. The attraction with Winnie the Pooh and Toontown we did not see it before.   But we took first the other things like: Peter Pan, the Pirates of the Caribbean and It's a small world, those thing stay funny.


 And than the shops, here we buy again and again. And still they have other things, than in Disneyland Paris and more. Even to eat and much drinking (cold water).

On our way to Toontown. A look in Minnie's house, here under the pictures of the house, the room and the kitchen.


     Of course we had made also pictures from Mickey's house.


The house, the bedroom and the sitting room.

After this it was time for the parade "Disney's Magical Moments Parade", who was as usually so nice. We were sitting upstairs by the station, from where you can see the parade coming out the Main Street. We see also the show "Disney Mania".

We buy some presents for the grandchildren and than we went by bus back to the hotel for swimming. The weather was still lovely.

This day we went to Epcot Center. Yesterday we brought the whole day by the swimming pool of the hotel. The weather was great, and a day of rest, was very welcome. First of all we hold a fastpass for the Test Track. About two hours we can in that attraction. We also go to Carousel of Progress. We had now time to see the countries. Norway had a big attraction.  After visited all kind of countries, we became at America, and there were Mickey and Minnie, they walked around the place. Beautiful clothes / costumes they wear.


Late in the afternoon the  Millennium parade "Tapestry of Nations"  came along at 18.30 hours and this were repeat at eight o'clock in the evening. After this we eat something, because we want to stay for the firework Illuminations 2000:Reflections of Earth above the World Showcase Lagoon. It's a pity that those pictures are not clear. But it was magnificent.


With this picture of Epcot 2000 is our trip to Disney World finished.
We had still two days for all kinds of things to do, what we will see twice or more shopping.
It was fantastic and we hope come back soon, but now first is Disneyland California turn to visit it, after several years.