Rewritten and new scanned photos from the photo-album.



In 1994 we made a trip to Asia. We also went to Japan. And of course we had to visit Disney. To get to the park was very difficult, as there were no signs in English, and our Japanese was very bad. But the people were very helpful and friendly.

The transport was approximately the same as in America. But the park seems much more wide, because here were much less visitors



The park was opened on April 15, 1983, and celebrate the 10 years, till last spring 1984.There came the first years nearly 10 million visitors. With a record of visitors of 17,6 million in 1996-07.

The tickets were ordered in the Netherlands and were delivered in our hotel. Now still with the metro on our way to Disneyland. That only was a experience to go with the metro. Nobody speaks English. (then).  But they show us, how to pay and take the metro-ticket. They were very friendly. There were that day nearly 10 Europeans, so we had a lot of looks. I've scanned the photos from my photo-album and rewritten the site.

The park was about so big as Disneyland Paris, with only some different things. Mostly water attractions. The park guide was available in English, but we took the Japanese with us for souvenir. It was about 10 o'clock in the morning, when we arrived in the park. It was not very busy, it had been  stopped with rain. First of all we look well in the guide and show time guide, what there was to do. Maybe it came by the Japanese language in the show time guide, because this guide seemed very  different, than we used in America. Firstly we drink a cup of coffee.

The little children thought we came from Mars, when we eating and they hear us speaking to each other, they looked ......... and wow what are that for people. But in the restaurants you could  order everything in English and it tasted very good. Afterwards we have not seen a lot of, what was very pity, because you came here not very often.

 We saw here a lot of characters. The most asked directly if we want with them on the photograph. We've been notable between all those Japanese.


We visited all kind of shows. They were wonderful. These were: Aladdin Great Adventure, Sebastian's  Caribbean Carnival and the Mickey Mouse Club.

We have taken to less pictures, but there were than no digital camera's.

Furthermore we concerned with the cable-car to get a view over the park.  Each park has his own attractions.

Below still several photos of the park.


We had selected a beautiful day, the sun shines and it was not cold. But one day was in fact too less. But we did not have enough time. And of course there was also the parade. "The Fantasy Parade".

The park closed at half past seven in the evening, the park was lightening, when we were there on Wednesday. Otherwise the park is still open till nine o'clock in the evening. Than comes the electric parade.

Unfortunately we mist that. But after all it was a successful day.

We certainly come back once.