In October 1990 we made a travel by several states of America. This way also California. Therefore again to visit a chance Disney. We did not have enough time, but 1 day was possible. Disneyland is the first park what was open on July 17 1955. When we were there, the park existed 35 years. Everywhere had been put chalkboards with 35 years. We were there at 10 o'clock when the park get open. By buying an entry ticket, you got the same time another ticket, which you had put in the dream  machine, and then you can look if you had won a price.  

The right ticket had no price, the left ticket we had won a video on, but since we could not using that in Europe, we have a different system. I can choose something else. And that became Mickey, he was 25 inches big. You could win a video, plush toys, Disney watch, collector pins, coins, posters and each day a GEO car.  

With this first Mickey-doll is the collection of Mickey a fact. In the last years, I  only bought things for the grandchildren. But now I wanted to keep everything for myself. Naturally the grandchildren get enough. 

                                                        We visited firstly Fantasyland, where the attractions were almost the same as in Walt Disney World. But because we visit 2 years ago Walt Disney World in Orlando, we knew approximately which attractions we wanted to see and which not. They had also some new attractions to see, among other things Toon Town. The Disney MGM Studios was not present here at this time. If you have seen Florida first, than this park seems very small, but cozy. In the guide we could see where the attractions are and the times that the shows begun. The guides  are looking very different in each park. Those collected I  meanwhile also.          

The weather was us also favorably disposed, the sun shines deliciously and that for October. In Toon Town stands Mickey's and Minnie's house, you can go inside the houses and look in every room. What we have done also. Food and drinks were also everywhere. Afterwards we go to Frontierland for more attractions.


In the afternoon at four o'clock came the parade. These are called now Disneyland's Party Gras Parade. These it had been made of large balloons. The park was open till six o'clock in the evening through the week, only in the weekend open till nine o'clock. At the end of the day the flag goes down. Here no Disneyland Band as in Orlando.

At the end of the evening we returned to the hotel in the neighbourhood. To continue our travel the next day. All in all a complete succeeded day. Here we will return again.