Rewritten this site and scanned the photos from the photo-album


The very first acquaintance with Disney was in 1988, then we on travel went to Florida. We stayed in Orlando in the Quality Inn hotel. We will stay in Orlando for 1 week and than still 1 week in Miami. The park was then not so big that time. Only Walt Disney Park and Epcot. MGM studio became built that year . Therefore a reason to return later once more. That did we in 2000. We bought for now a 3 daily passport and we can visit the park. We had 3 days after each other then to visit the park. We had hired a car therefore that was no problem. Also there went a bus from the hotel, but then you have been bounded to time. We were very surprised, we had never seen something like that. What was notable us was the kindness of the staff, they laughed all. The entourage if you come into the park, you feel immediately to became a child. And the weather is of course also an important factor. Generally nicely with from time to time a strong rain fall. But these three days no rain fortunately,


We started in Main Street USA. There were several shops and restaurants. The attractions were: Walt Disney World Railroad, because Mickey reached 60 years of age, the train had been decorated with all presents, Disney MGM studios Preview Center, here you could see a preview of the MGM studios which opened in spring 1989, Main Street movie theater and the Main Street Vehicles, among other things the horse drawn trolley, double-decker omnibus, fire-engineer.


These vehicles ride 1 way from Town Square by the Main Street to the Cinderella castle. There you get off and get back with a another vehicle. There were everywhere stops for the cars

We went further to Fantasyland. Through the castle and then you came at the attractions, among other things: Snow White, Magic Journeys, Dumbo, Cinderella' s carrousel, Peter Pan, It's a Small World, Mr.Tod's Wild Ride, Tea Cups and the Sky Way. There are shops, in fact at each attraction, and also several restaurants . We will drink and eat something before we go further. The time flew and it was almost time for the parade.

It was considerably warm, the waiting times then were not yet as large as now. But there were also many people waiting. Nicest attraction we found was " It's a small world" at that time. You go with small boats all kinds of countries, where the little dolls with the clothes of that country are dancing and singing. Photos we did not have so many of this attraction..

Also we saw Mickey's Birthday country, where a show was given. "Minnie's Surprise show".

The parade "Mickey's Birthday Parade" was super as well as the different shows were which we saw. Disney is definitely not only for children. We remained to the park will close, but at 17.00 o'clock there was the  Retreat Ceremony. The flag goes down and the Walt Disney World Band  played the patriotic songs.



The next day we went to Epcot Center. With the monorail through the hotel to World Showcase. You could also reach that area with trolleybus. These drove around the World Showcase. Several countries to here. Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. One country was still more beautiful than the other country. In those countries were attractions, shops and mostly restaurants. You must look around here definitely at least 1 day to see everything. We have done firstly the World Showcase and afterwards  we went we to the other attractions. We had still the sun and then the park sees this way sociably. We have eaten in the China Pavilion and of course Chinese, it what was delicious. In the afternoon at approximately 2 o'clock we left World Showcase and get off to the rest of Epcot.

We went firstly into Spaceship Earth. We did this attraction, without knowing what it was. But then we were within there, we know where we were. But we have survived it, but that was 1 time only, we go never into that attraction. Fortunately you did not see what happened there.

We took still what other attractions among other things Journey into Imagination, The country and living Seas. Here were also attractions inside

Here you could see the stickers of Mickey, from a few countries in Epcot.


The park remained open that evening up to nine o'clock in the  evening. In the evening was there fire work above the lake. Afterwards we had to come to the park area. All parks have their own park area's. The trains brought you to you park place. That makes a difference to walk.


We had still 1 day and that we have filled with shopping and see the nicest things in the Walt Disney Park again. And a last drink to take. Hereafter we went to see the rest of Orlando and surroundings and then still 1 week into Miami.


We had a very good time in Disney World and we will come back.