A friend of mine Ronda explains below what is remote linking.


What is remote linking?

 linkiAsk yourself this -Do you want to pay for somebody elses website? If you said "No", then why should they pay for yours? Which is what happens when you remote link.

 The act of remote linking is when you use an image on your site, email, messageboard, or guestbook using someone elses image url. This is also called "Bandwidth Theft".

For example, if instead of saving a graphic onto your hard drive and uploading to your web site, you use someone elses url address with the image, this is remote linking.

The act of remote linking puts an excessive load on an ISP (Internet Service Provider....which is the host of  any persons website). Each time someone views your website or email, the owner of the site you are linking to also has their files accessed. This decreases the amount of web space alloted to the owner and it also slows their site down.

When a person pays for their website, they also pay for the amt of bandwidth they can use in a months time. When they go over that amt. they either have to pay for more bandwidth or shut down the site until the end of the month. Which is not fair to the person paying, just because you are stealing from them. So don't steal!

Many graphic sites are closing because of remote linking, which is a shame. Also, many providers forbid "storage". When you remote link, the provider sees it as the owner using their site for storage. This has also caused many graphic sites to close down.

So, don't link directly to a graphic. Always save graphics to your own hard drive and upload them to your own server. Don't include anyone else's url in the body, background or img src tags.

Load the image to your own server from your own files on your own computer.

 Just select "save image as" when you right click rather than going into their properties and copying the image url.. Either do it the right way, or ask the website owner. The other alternative is to pay the website owner the amt. of money they have to pay extra because of you using their bandwidth.

In most cases if you are caught, the owner of the site you are stealing from can write directly to the hosting site  that provides you the access for your website to be seen &  they can shut you down until you correct the problem. Especially those of you that have a free website. Remember this, if you don't want to pay, why should someone else pay for it!

Netiquette- learn it- live by it!

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