float 5:
Dreams of Power - featuring Jafar, Ursula, Chernabog and more Disney Villains
The Disney Villains are out to take command of the parade, on a dark and menacing float filled with viciousness! As the serpent Jafar slithers along at the front, Chernabog towers over the parade route on the desolate summit of Bald Mountain. Bringing up the rear is the slimy sea monster Ursula. The float will be surrounded by menacing souls juggling (false) fire!

Wagen 5:

Dream of Power - Chernabog, Jafar, Ursula en meer Disney Schurken. Vanop een torenhoge rots kijkt Chernabog naar de andere Disney Schurken zoals Scar, Jafar, Ursula. Ze willen het commando van de parade overnemen.