The Fifthteenth Time

On November 30th we went with the two eldest grandchildren for one day to Disneyland Resort Paris.

It was a long time ago, that they visit the park with us, because they must go to school now and they have younger nieces and nephews.

We goes away early in the morning, so that we can arrived at eleven o'clock in the park. It was 10 o'clock when we came at the parking of Disneyland.



Ricco and Chardonnay were never been in the park with Christmas. It was very busy in the Park. We must planned our time good. But they don't go to the figures anymore. Chardonnay wanted only, that the figures signed her booklet. This time was Space Mountain and other attractions what they want to see. First we hold a fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain. In the meantime we went to Phantom Manor and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Time to go back to the Big Thunder.


We ate in the Pizza Planet Restaurant. We must wait and Chardonnay saw Winnie the Pooh, but he can not signed, he must go away. When we came outside the restaurant, it was raining. We took Star Tours and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. The time past away and we saw the Christmas Parade.

It was now half past four and we went to the Studio Park. Ricco and Chardonnay want to see Lilo & Stich, but they were not there at that time. We took the Studio Tram Tour. Chardonnay saw Tessie of Toy Story and she signed her booklet. It was now half past five and the most  attractions were closed, while the Park closed at 6 o'clock.



We went back to the Disneyland Park for eating in the Videopolis, where just starting the Minnie's Birthday Surprise Show. It was time for the Main Street Electrical Parade and the Sparkling Christmas Fireworks. We went to the Disney Festival. The end of the day was coming.

It was in the meantime 20.45 hour and we must go to the Police Station nearly the New Port Bay Hotel, for making a declaration of stealing my purse at Disneyland. It endure one and a half hour before it was finished. It was a very long day, but pleasant.




by myself