Tokyo Disneyland Resort

The park opens the doors at April 15 1983, and is located east of Tokyo. And has 1 park. At this moment it has 2 theme parks , 2 theme hotels and 2 shopping areas. It was the first park outside the USA,

Tokyo Disney Resort has 3 main entertaine areas, Disneyland Park, Disney Sea Park and Ikspiari (about the same as Downtown Disney in the USA and Disney Village in Paris). There is also an official Disney Shop called "Bon Voyage".


Tokyo Disneyland Park.

There are 7 areas in this park, World Bazar (is like the Mainstreet), the 4 countries Fantasyland, Adventureland, Westernland (like Frontierland) and Tomorrowland. Plus there are 2 mini lands, Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown.

World Bazar.
Here is also the horse drawn trolley and the vehicles, shops, restaurants and the Town Hall. Shows and Parades used the street all days. You can meet the characters.

The entrance is through the castle, "Cinderella Castle". Here you can visit the attractions as,  Carousel, Peter Pan, Snow White, It's a small world. Fantasyland has 3 originals attractions  as the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour, The Mickey Mouse Revue and Pooh's Hunny Hunt.

This land is smaller than the Frontierlands in the other parks, because cowboys and western are not so Japanese. Here you can visit the Mark Twain Riverboat, the Big Thunder, Country Bear Theater and Tom Sawyer Islands Rafts.

There is 1 unique ride in Adventureland, Western River Railroad. Other attractions you can visit are, Jungle Cruise, The Enchanted Tiki Room with Get the Fever, Swiss Family Treehouse and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The painting in Tomorrowland is mostly white. Because of a larger butget of the Oriental Company are the rides more technology specific and more expensive than other Tomorrowlands. There are total other attractions  than by us in Paris. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters,  Grand Circuit Raceway, MicroAdventure, Showbase, Starcade and Star Jets.

Critter Country.
There are 2 Critter Country. 1 in Disneyland and 1 Tokyo Disneyland. Here you can find the Splash Mountain and the Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes.

Mickey's Toontown.
Toontown opened in April 1996 in Tokyo Disneyland. The attractions are Chip and Dale's Treehouse, Donald's Boat, Mickey and Minnie's House, Goofy's Bounce House. Jolly Trolley,  Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin and Toon Park.

Tokyo DisneySea

The park opened in September 2001. The parks 2 symbols are the AquaSphere, near the entrance is first a water fountain with a globe of the earth and second the vulcano "Mount Prometheus", that's located in the center. By some attractions you can use the fastpass. The park is more for older guests.
The park has 7 areas. American Waterfront,  Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Mediterranean Harbor and Mysterious Island.

American Waterfront.
There are Big City Vehicles from 20th century, Disney Sea Electric Railway and Disney Sea Transit Steamer Line they brings you to several places at the park. There are 2 shows. And the Donald Boat Builders.

Lost River Delta.
Here are 4 attractions. First Indiana Jones, Temple of the Crystal Skull, Raging Spirits, Disney Sea Electric Railway and Mystic Rhythms.

Port Discovery.
Visit Aquatopia and Storm Rider and there is also the Disney Sea Electric Railway.

Mermaid Lagoon.
This area is based on Ariel the Little Mermaid. There are 8 attractions to visit. Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster, Scuttle's Scooters, Mermaid Lagoon Theater, Jumpin' Jellyfish, Blowfish Balloon Race, The Whirlpool, Ariel's Playground and Ariel's Greeting Grotto.

Arabian Coast.
Here you can find attractions from Aladdin. First Sinbad's Seven Voyages, The Magic Lamp Theater and Caravan Carousel.

Mediterranean Harbor
Enjoy a ride with the Venetian Gondolas and the Disney Sea Transit Steamer Line. Visit the Renaissance used during the Golden Age of Exploration. Look to the Porto Paradiso Water Carnival, a show with characters and boats. A new nighttime show BraviSEAmo. Meet Mickey and his Pals at Lido Isle.

Mysterious Island.
Here you can do 2 things. Journey of the Center of the Earth and 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea. Designed by Captain Nemo.


Ikspiari opened the doors in the summer of 2000. Located just a short walk from the Maihama Train Station. It's an entertainment center with shops, restaurants, bioscopes. There is one of the largest Disney Store. Planet Hollywood is also there. When you will bay Disney stuff and don't want to visit the park, than go to Bon Voyage. It's a big souvenirs store. Nearby the JR Maihama Train Station.



Information and photos by Disney.