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Disneyland Resort Paris

The Walt Disney Company opened the first theme park in European, And opens his doors at April 12, 1992, 

Disney created what is the finest Magic Kingdom-style park, taking its lead from the original Disneyland in California,  Almost all the classic attractions are represented here -- Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World, and the coolest Big Thunder Mountain you've ever seen -- with a slight touch of French influence added to the mix.

After the first difficult years, and a long, financial struggle, the Parisian park's problems were over mostly, and it eventually became the most popular tourist attraction in the continent. Disneyland Paris gets a small profit in 1995.  It change the name twice. The first name was EuroDisney, that changed in October 1994 in Disneyland Paris. In March 16 2002  introduced Disneyland Paris the second theme park "Walt Disney Studios Park" and changed the name again in Disneyland Resort Paris.

How do you get to Disneyland Resort Paris?
The resort is 30 kilometers (19 miles) east of central Paris. You can easely visit Paris.
From the A4, take exit 14 and follow the signs. Or take the RER line A to the Marne la Valle / Chessy station. If you coming from England by Eurostar, there is a direct stop in the resort. Belgium and the Netherlands by the Thalys.

What is the best time to visit the Park?
If at all possible, attempt to visit the park at one of the three slowest periods:
Mid-January to late March (mostly cold)
Mid-April to end-Juny
Mid-September to early December
If for some reason you absolutely have to visit at one of the busier times, make sure you go in with a game plan, otherwise you'll likely end up missing out on some attractions.

How do I get tickets to Disneyland Paris?
Now, with two parks, it's usually a good idea to get a Park Hopper pass, allowing you to jump between the Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios parks whenever you want. This is a good idea for anyone who only plans to spend one day on-resort, as the best of both parks can be sampled. Tickets can be purchased at the park, or on the official Disneyland Paris website

Also many hotels in the neighbourhood sell park tickets,

Whatever you do, though, buy your tickets before you get to the park. No sense wasting the first couple hours of your day's visit waiting in line at the ticket booths.

What's new at Disneyland Paris?
Space Mountain : Mission 2 opened in April 2005, to rave reviews. Also, a new fireworks show, Wishes, debuts this summer.

Plan your day at Disneyland Paris
First thing, you'll want to get Space Mountain: Mission 2 and Star Tours done in Discoveryland, then head over to Frontierland and grab a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain. Also, make sure you don't miss out on the Legend of the Lion King show, which is regularly full.

Ride and restaurant reservations at Disneyland Paris
Reservations for many of the park's table service restaurants can be made in the Town Hall, located at Main Street USA.

And  make sure to use FastPass - Disney's ride reservation system. It's available only on the more popular rides, and allows visitors to reserve a ride time later in the day. You can send one person in your party ahead to the ride with everyone's park admission tickets to get FastPasses for your group -- you don't all have to go together to get them. Once you get a FastPass, you may not use your admission ticket to get another for a different ride until either the return time for the first ride has passed or two hours have gone by, whichever comes first. You can't pic a reservation time -- the system assigns one for you.

What's coming next to Disneyland Paris?
All that the future is certain to bring for the park is a clone of Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters from Disneyland in Anaheim, which should arrive sometime in Spring 2006. It will be called "Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast". Other than that, a brand new daytime parade is in development, that will premiere to the guests in honor of the 15th anniversary celebrations in 2007.

A Brief History of Disneyland Resort Paris

1992 - “Euro Disneyland” opens in a spectacular evening show full of celebrities, live music, fireworks and land openings one by one before The Main Street Electrical Parade premiered. Michael Eisner declared Euro Disney “officiellement ouvert”!

1993 - “Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Peril” opens in Adventureland.

1994 - “Storybook Land” is opened with the new attractions “Casey Jr. - Le Petit Train du Cirque” and “Le  Pays des Contes de Fées”. The Marne-la-Vallée TGV station is inaugurated. Eurostar began direct trips to the resort.

1995 - “Space Mountain” opens in Disneyland, but with a huge difference to its cousins. The attraction (costing $60 million at the time) incorporated a whole new theme and technology to fit into Discoveryland just perfectly.

1996 - Pocahontas appears in a new show and parade in Disneyland Park. “The Toy Story Parade” also premieres.

1997 - Disneyland Paris celebrates its first 5 years in a yearlong “Festival Of Fools”. “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Carnival” replaces the “Disney Classics Parade” and “Disney Classics: The Music And The Magic” premieres. “Festival Disney” becomes “Disney Village”.

1998 - The “Hercules Happening” takes to the Disney streets daily. The new “Wonderful World Of Disney Parade” makes its first appearance and Tinkerbell lights the twilight air with the “Fantasy In The Sky” fireworks.

1999 - “Honey I Shrunk The Audience” opens in Discoveryland. Walt Disney Studios Park is announced and work begins immediately. “Disney’s Imaginations Parade” premiered and an enormous laser, firework and stage show sees in the new millennium.

2000 - The new show “The Tarzan Encounter” premieres just after the launch of “Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Peril: Backwards”! The FastPass service is introduced and the Val d’Europe shopping Centre opens.

2001 - The 100 millionth guest arrives in Disneyland Paris

2002 - Walt Disney Studios Park opens in the newly-named “Disneyland Resort Paris”. Disneyland Park celebrates its 10th Anniversary with special media events, fireworks and anniversary cake parade float.

2003 - “The Main Street Electrical Parade” farewell season came to a close in an emotional end of the much-loved parade. “Disney’s Fantillusion Parade” premieres as a replacement to the previous nighttime spectacular.

2004 - The Broadway-style show “The Legend Of The Lion King” premieres in the Videopolis Theatre,  bringing the magic from the Pride Lands to life.

2005 - “Space Mountain:Mission 2” blasts onto the scene as the revamped, redesigned and reloaded rival to the original Space Mountain. Disney Village opened “Panoramagique” and the “Wishes” firework show premieres in Disneyland Park to celebrate 50 years of all Disney parks

2006 - “Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast” opens in Discoveryland, a brand new attraction replacing “Le Visionarium”. The 15th anniversary celebrations are officially   announced as work on the new attractions is well under way

2007 - 15th Anniversary of Disneyland Resort Paris and some new passports for the park..