Mickey Mouse baptizes tulip in the Keukenhof


Exactly 20 years after the opening of Disneyland Paris, on April 12 2012, the French theme park Gets a very special birthday present: a own tulip from Holland .Mickey Mouse today came specially for the baptism of the Disneyland Paris to Netherlands in the Keukenhof, where he attended the official christening ceremony.
 Together with Director Luc Behar of Disneyland Paris & Nature Environment and General Director Piet de Vries of Keukenhof if the Mickey Mouse Disneyland Paris officially baptized. The Tulip, a Double Orange Emperor, was bred by the firm Verver Export from Ursem, and should wear from today officially named "Disneyland Paris".

 20 years ago was discovered by accident one double Orange Emperor Tulip in a field with some copies. The Tulip was cultivated, further in-depth and on a separate field what 20 years later resulted in enough copies to provide these of an official name. All this time is the Tulip remained double, which means that this has twice as many leaves as a regular Tulip, and the intense orange color is preserved. Partly thanks to this magical history, there is also no other Tulip which is better than the name "Disneyland Paris" might wear!

Not only is the Disneyland Paris tulip from today to see in the Keukenhof, but also his whopping 8,000 specimens planted in the Disneyland Park. Also here is a particular Holland's spot found: the Orange tulips can be seen around the Old Mill in Fantasyland, a real old-fashioned mill! The Disneyland Paris tulip is here in good company: every year hundreds of thousands of Dutch flower bulbs planted in Disneyland Paris as part of the theming and decoration of the Resort.