15th Anniversary of Disneyland Resort Paris


Disneyland Park

From 1st April 2007 right through to March 2008, Disneyland Resort Paris celebrates its 15th year with the biggest Disney birthday bash ever, inviting you to live your dream... like never before!

Throughout this enchanting year, exciting, magical, brand new treats will be unwrapped in both parks to celebrate 15 years of magic. This is the year when more dreams come true than ever before... This is the year when every dream can come true.

Live the magic of the all-new Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade, with classic characters and fresh new faces on vibrant, new, larger-than-life floats. Experience amazing new attractions like Crush's Coaster and Cars Race Rally, and prepare to check-in to the legendary Hollywood Tower Hotel in 2008, to check out The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

And that's just the start - there are a million and one more dreams just waiting to come true, all for you...

Disney's Character Express
Every day during the 15th Anniversary Celebration brings more magic than any before.  More chances to meet your favorite Disney characters, more moments to make all your childhood dreams come true!

Disneyland Park awakes each morning to a colorful character cavalcade created especially for the celebration, bringing a train full of classic Disney stars onto the streets of Main Street, USA.  This is your chance to rub noses with the VIPs of the Disney world, get cheek-to-cheek with a host of wild party animals or let your fantasies fly with fairytale friends.  Each day and every Character Express brings new faces and unexpected live surprises direct to you.

Disney's Once Upon A Dream Parade
Dreams are amazing things - all it takes is a little courage (and a sprinkling of pixie dust) to set them free! And once they're free? There's no stopping them! Imagination runs riot, Fun and Laughter surrounds us all and the greatest Fantasy you've ever seen unfolds before your eyes...

float 1:
Imagination - featuring Mickey, Minnie and the Disney VIPs.
The parade begins with a burst of imagination, a spark of magic. And then - the dreams take flight! Mickey and Minnie hover high in the sky in a golden hot air balloon! They've dropped anchor on a most dreamy location, the purple curve of a smiling moon, resting on a storybook. Donald showers the moon in sparkling glitter, as Goofy rests on the pile of storybooks and blows bubbles into the clouds!

float 2:
Dreams of Fun & Laughter - featuring Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio
A traditional fairytale hut is featured at the centre of the float, used by Alice in Wonderland first and then Pinocchio at the rear. The Pinocchio section features "marionnette" bungee artists similar to those in 'Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams' at Disneyland in California, bouncing on bungee ropes from supports high above.  Around this section of the float, stilt walkers will perform routines with their own puppets.

float 3:
Dreams of Friendship - featuring Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh
Features Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh characters, with a giant storybook in the middle separating the two themes. At the front, Woody joins his Roundup Gang to remind them "you've got a friend in me", whilst at the back Pooh's birthday party is in full swing, featuring all his best friends from the Hundred Acre Wood at a jolly tea party.

float 4:
Dreams of Fantasy - featuring Peter Pan, Mary Poppins
This very British float first features Captain Hook's galley splashing through the waves, before a sea of London rooftops bring Wendy peering out of her window at Peter Pan on the roof above!  A whimsically-styled Big Ben towers in the centre of the rooftops, poking through the clouds, with Mary Poppins and her classic "jolly holiday" carousel behind, as a fleet of kites hovers above.  A merry band of pirate flag artists will surround the ship at the front of the float.

float 5:
Dreams of Power - featuring Jafar, Ursula, Chernabog and more Disney Villains
The Disney Villains are out to take command of the parade, on a dark and menacing float filled with viciousness! As the serpent Jafar slithers along at the front, Chernabog towers over the parade route on the desolate summit of Bald Mountain. Bringing up the rear is the slimy sea monster Ursula. The float will be surrounded by menacing souls juggling (false) fire!

float 6:
Dreams of Adventure - featuring The Lion King, The Jungle Book
Serving The Lion King and The Jungle Book, a giant jungle tree towers out of the middle of the float, with Simba on Pride Rock before it and King Louie and Baloo behind. Various animals from both films can be found amongst the branches of the tree, including monkeys and giraffes. Rafiki is clinging to the tree behind Pride Rock, with Timon and Pumbaa joining in the celebrations below.  It's also likely that several of the colorful jungle animals from the Kids Carnival season will join the parade at this point.

float 7:
Dreams of Romance (Part 1) - featuring The Little Mermaid, Aladdin
A tropical garden oasis is the setting for Ariel and Jasmine, with beautiful flowers and an enchanted tree bringing a rainbow of color to their romantic pursuits.  The Dream of Romance section will feature the enchanted garden theme throughout, with each of the Princesses' shimmering dresses scattered with beautiful gold leaves and several dancing flowers with yellow and green petals surrounding each float.

float 8:
Dreams of Romance (Part 2) - featuring Beauty & the Beast, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty
The grand finale to the entire parade, this giant float features a grand total of four princesses! The initial gazebo is an ornate shelter for Beauty and the Beast, whilst the whimsical fairytale bridge is occupied by Snow White and her prince. On the hill before the giant castle stands Cinderella and Prince Charming.  Sleeping Beauty is possibly featured behind the castle, as a finale - after all, the parade is named after one of her songs!  The float will also be articulated (split into two free-moving, joined sections), giving an idea of its impressive size.

"Just Like We Dreamed It" - A New Song for the 15th Anniversary

When the parade comes to a stop for the guest interaction with the characters, a brand new theme song will be key to the entire performance.  "Just Like We Dreamed It" will also become the song for the entire 15th Anniversary, confirmed so far to also be used in the Candlabration ceremony.  It has been reported that the song is sung by a couple, in English, and that the parade will stop a total of four times during its route.

Every day during the 15th Anniversary Celebration brings more magic than any before.  More chances to meet your favorite Disney characters, more moments to make all your childhood dreams come true!

Disneyland Park awakes each morning to a colorful character cavalcade created especially for the celebration, bringing a train full of classic Disney stars onto the streets of Main Street, USA.  This is your chance to rub noses with the VIPs of the Disney world, get cheek-to-cheek with a host of wild party animals or let your fantasies fly with fairytale friends.  Each day and every Character Express brings new faces and unexpected live surprises direct to you.

Every night, join the gleeful gathering of classic Disney characters when they invite you to "be their guest" for an enchanting nighttime birthday ceremony around Central Plaza.

Watch Sleeping Beauty Castle come a-glow with more magic than ever before, as the character makeover comes to life and everyone joins the party to wish the park a magical, memorable 15th Anniversary!

Candlabration Facts

The ceremony will illuminate the candles of the fifteen golden Character Castle Makeover decorations with a unique character show on a specially created anniversary stage on Central Plaza.

The show looks to be somewhat similar to The Enchanted Fairytale Ceremony, the hugely popular illuminations ceremony of Disney's Christmas Season.  It is reported to feature the same concept of a stage on Central Plaza and a gathering of Disney VIPs (Mickey and friends) leading to the illumination of the park's lights.

The show will also use the new song "Just Like We Dreamed It" from the guest interaction stops of Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade.

There has been some speculation that the Enchanted Fairytale Illuminations from Disney's Christmas Season could be altered slightly and reused for the 15th Anniversary Celebration, though so far nothing has been confirmed for sure.

Character Castle Makeover
There's no need for a birthday cake, just cover the Castle in candles! One by one, they've climbed the soaring turrets and spires to hold their fifteen shining candles high into the sky!

From the cheeky grin of the Cheshire Cat to the fumbling balancing act of Goofy, all the most famous Disney characters are helping to create a spectacular display!

Circling the highest spire of the castle, Tinkerbell casts a bright burst of pixie dust from her magic wand. Below her, Dumbo and Timothy have reached the second spire with the flying elephant's very useful ears, whilst Pinocchio and Figaro must have used a wish from the Blue Fairy to get them to the next turret!

With the Seven Dwarfs filling the whole of the main balcony, Chip & Dale perch perilously on a tiny turret, holding their candle as high as they can. Pluto is sitting obediently on the other side, watching the trail of pixie dust left by Tinkerbell, whilst Goofy seems drawn to trouble yet again - leaning over the side of the Castle trying to balance his candle! Perhaps he should take tips from Jiminy Cricket on the opposite side, with a faithful umbrella to let him safely float back down to earth.

Further down, Lumière takes centre stage, invites you to be their guest and lights up three bright candles, all on his own! >Hewey, Dewey and Lewey don't quite have the same showmanship, as they clumsily fight to hold the candle. Hiding at the side of the castle, the hypnotising stripes of the Cheshire Cat and his glowing candle don't keep him hidden for long!

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck occupy one of the front turrets each, whilst the stars of the show and the golden royal couple, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, help to put in place the giant "15" plaque on the main window of the castle.

It's a character celebration like nothing before - 15 golden favorites for 15 years and all the magic of the elegant Château itself. It's a dream come true, it's not to be missed and it's only happening during the year to live your dream, the 15th Anniversary!

Walt Disney Studios Park
Animation Courtyard is transformed into Toon Studios in May/June 2007

Exciting changes are happening at Animation Courtyard... the sound of Toons at work can be heard all around.  New colors, new details, and new sparks of imagination can be seen appearing across the land, ready for the grand unveiling of the new Toon Studio.  This is a tribute to the art of animation - and a playful look at how unforgettable films are made, written and directed...by the Toons themselves.

Hollywood Blvd place making for Hollywood Studios end of 2007

Whilst the Hollywood Studio project will eventually encompass the whole of Production Courtyard, from Studio Tram Tour right the way around to Rendez-Vous des Stars restaurant, the first major phase of work will take place between Disney Studio 1 and Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic, adding around eight sets and façades to create a small Hollywood Boulevard area.  Designed to compliment The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, they will also lead on from where Disney Studio 1 begins, towards a tunnel in the Hollywood Hills doubling as the entrance for Studio Tram Tour.

Almost all of the set elements, except notibly the backdrop and tunnel, will be replicas of those found at Disney's two existing Hollywood streets.  First, Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard at Disney-MGM Studios Florida, opened between 1989 and 1994.  Second, Hollywood Pictures Backlot at Disney's California Adventure park (DCA), opened 2001.  Whilst these streets are similar to the traditional Main Street, with the façades hiding stores and restaurants in standard buildings behind, the Parisian Hollywood Boulevard will feature only the façades themselves, giving the effect of a true movie set similar to the current "Reign of Fire" or "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg" features.  The reverse of the sets will be hidden by trees and vegetation.

16th June to 26th August

The High School Musical phenomenon hits Walt Disney Studios Park with a brand new Pep Rally showcase of music, basketball and friendship.

Crush Coaster June 2007
Let Crush show you the wonders of ocean life, from colorful clownfish and the thrilling EAC to hungry sharks and stinging jellyfish! You'll plunge into a larger-than-life film set from Finding Nemo and coast along the swirling underwater currents...

Your wild coaster ride begins in Toon Studio, outside Disney Studio 5 - the massive soundstage currently hosting the unique underwater film sets from Finding Nemo.

A giant blue backdrop of turtles and fish covers the front of the soundstage, which features coral and undersea life spilling out of the façade. Every few seconds, a turtle shell swoops out of the aquarium film set and dives through the blue coral, before re-entering the building on the opposite side. Ready to take a ride on the EAC, dude?

You enter the soundstage on the far right of the building, following a winding downhill path past the Genie's Agrabah film set until you reach a covered section of the queue, themed to Sydney Harbor fishing pier. Luckily, the tide is out, so you can shelter under the pier on the sand until Crush is ready for you on set! Be sure to watch out for pesky seagulls and peckish pelicans!

As you step inside, day turns to dusk and you climb up and around the maze of fishing piers. As you descend the other side, you're on the edge of the docks, with turtle shells bobbing up to the surface and gently carrying guests away on their exciting tour of the set. Surrounded by the warm glow of lights from the fishing huts, you can see the full skyline of Sydney on the dusk horizon. The infamous seagulls line the walls, shouting "Mine! Mine!" and watching the turtle shells dip underwater.

You leave the pier seated in rows of 2, back to back, onboard your 4-person shell, and suddenly take a dive underwater! Don't worry, through the magic of the movies you won't even feel a single splash! As you take a sharp turn left, you become surrounded by colorful and mysterious underwater life. The shells begin to climb a rapid descent back up to the surface, and, as you reach daylight again, you swerve to the right and swoop down a sudden dip, outside the soundstage! The fresh air doesn't last long - the shell darts to the right through the coral and you're back underwater, but now you've been joined by some very special friends...

Cars Race Rally June 2007
Welcome to the quaint, outback town of Radiator Springs. A sleepy little settlement that's about to be woken up! Rev up your engines and get ready to put pedal to the metal! You're about to be let loose on the set of Pixar's Cars, a wild spin-out around the canyon that sees you bump into a few familiar faces along the way...

Fuel-up for fun and get in gear to join this roaring rally on the dusty desert track of Route 66 - sure to be the most gas-guzzling good time in the whole of Carburetor County!

As you step onto the cracked and ruptured asphalt of old Route 66, the garish designs and unmissable signs of Radiator Springs welcome you to the world of Cars. The route takes you past the race rally itself, which lies in the shadow of a huge billboard for Flo's V8 Café. Further along, at Doc Hudson's workshop, Mater and Lightning McQueen are waiting for you! They've parked out front to meet the new tourists in their sleepy township and are ready to rev you up for the Race Rally.

Entering the attraction, you're led through numerous corridors and rooms in the unusual collection of Radiator Springs buildings, before stepping out into a canopy-covered "backstage" area.  The path then leads downwards into Flo's V8 Café itself, the popular drive-thru diner where the tire-squealing spinout begins...

Climb aboard your automobile volunteer from the Cars world, get in gear and put pedal to the metal! Soon enough, you're spinning wildly out of control around the dusty desert tracks, throwing up dirt behind you and gliding through handbrake turns and countless near-misses with the other madcap motorists! As you pull an impressive full spin, you switch tracks - into the path of the oncoming cars - and complete a full figure of eight!

At each corner of the track, famous faces from the film are waiting to cheer you on or taunt your driving skills. As the rocky desert landscape whizzes past and the canyon walls spiral around, your super-charged spinout hits the finish line, with seconds to spare!

Will you win the Race Rally? Whatever the outcome, enjoy the ride! You're about to experience an amazing journey into the world of Radiator Springs.


With Thanks to DLRP Magic!